About the Speaker​


Assoc Prof Agnes NG Suah Bwee

Senior Consultant, Department of ​Paediatric Anaesthesia,
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore

Assoc Prof Agnes Ng describes herself as essentially an educator trained in the “old school”. She has remained in institutional practice as it fulfills her interest in developing future generations of doctors.

Assoc Prof Ng feels fortunate to have had great clinical teachers who taught the basics well — history-taking and clinical signs. These skills emphasise listening, asking the right questions (history) and touching the patient (clinical examination). Assoc Prof Ng believes that such skills should be maintained, rather than using modern technology to examine the patient from “head to toe”, and has always stressed these skills during her encounters with junior staff.

She notes that an important additional skill in education is communicating and engaging with the patient; while medical education has achieved great advances (e.g. simulation-based education), we must not lose sight of good history-​taking, clinical signs and effective communication — instead, we should craft medical simulation exercises with these elements in mind and not have participants relying on physiological parameters to make their clinical decisions.

Speaker's Session:
Faculty Development in Simulation
Date: 3​ November 201​7 (Fri)  | Time: 1000 - 1130 LocationAcademia, Level 1, L1-S3


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