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Read on some of the unique positions in the featured departments under our Strategy & Planning division.


Office of Strategy Management

The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) oversees SingHealth’s strategy-related activities and facilitates the cluster’s strategy formulation to shape the growth of SingHealth as a premier Academic Health System. OSM supports SingHealth leadership to cascade the strategy across the organisation, spearheading certain initiatives while monitoring and adjusting strategic projects using data and analytics.

Deslyn Ang            

The rapid pace of change and uncertainty in the world today is causing massive disruption for many industries, including healthcare. The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) manages the cluster’s strategy process from planning to implementation and performance management, supporting SingHealth in preparing for a potentially different future while remaining agile, relevant, and patient-focused.

One of the best parts of my job is to be able to work with teams of different dynamics and expertise, leveraging one another’s strength and expertise to develop and implement quality business solutions. Another exciting part of my work involves drawing insights from data and reports, adapting them into simple reports that are easily understood by everyone, while at the same time building a library to share some of the best practices in data visualisation with the larger community in SingHealth. 

The learning curve here is steep, yet fulfilling and supported.