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Read on some of the unique positions in the featured departments under our Research division.

Health Services Research Centre

The Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) develops, coordinates and synergises health services research (HSR) capabilities in SingHealth to address healthcare operational and implementation issues. It also nurtures promising health services researchers and encourages cluster-wide and national dissemination and implementation of the HSR results to improve healthcare and care outcomes.


Dr Sean Lam

My work revolves around the use of quantitative modelling techniques to derive value out of data, which is then used to enhance patient care and health outcomes. I am a quantitative modeler at heart who lives and breathes quantitative models. I have a PhD in decision science and systems engineering and expertise in the development of data-driven scientific models and methodologies for the optimisation of real-world systems and processes. I am also a trained engineer and data scientist, and I’ve used my data science training in domains such as healthcare, engineering, transportation, port and national security areas, as well as policy planning and analysis for R&D in universities and research institutes. I have won multiple research and innovation awards and grants during the course of my career. But experience aside, it is the positive impact of my work on the lives of others that really matters to me. This is why I’ve dedicated my professional life to realizing the vision of empowering the public healthcare system with rigorous data-driven scientific approaches to improve patient care and health outcomes. A data science career in SingHealth HQ is an ideal platform to realise this vision.