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Read on some of the unique positions in the featured departments under our Regional Health System division.

Regional Health System

In the face of an ageing population, it is important that the population is empowered to keep well, get well and age well in their communities and homes. To achieve this, the SingHealth Regional Health System (RHS) collaborates with like-minded agencies across the health and social care sectors to identify population health needs, promote behavioural changes and develop sustainable programmes to improve quality of life. As an academic RHS, it also leverages health services research to understand healthcare utilisation patterns to facilitate appropriate interventions across the care continuum. It is committed to promoting health in partnership with the community, as reflected in its vision and mission statements –

Vision: Transforming Care. Improving Health

Mission: Partnering communities to keep well, get well and age well

Sylvia Neo

Prior to joining SingHealth HQ in 2014, I was a Principal System Specialist working on the Closed Loop Medication Management (CLMM) System at the Integrated Health Information Systems. When the opportunity to transfer to the newly-established SingHealth Office of Regional Health (SORH) came, I took it as I was keen to play a part in the important endeavour of integrating care and creating a seamless experience for patients across different healthcare settings. At SORH, I work with internal and external stakeholders to identify care integration and health promotion needs, implement new initiatives and ensure their continued relevance to patients and the community. I enjoy the challenge of seeing issues from different perspectives and rallying stakeholders towards a common goal – to deliver person-centred care.