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Read on some of the unique positions in the featured departments under our Innovation & Informatics division.

Office of Digital Strategy

The Office of Digital Strategy conceptualises and implements SingHealth’s enterprise digital strategy, working in close collaboration internally with our institutions and externally with healthcare and IT industry players to support SingHealth’s digital transformation journey. We emplace necessary digital platforms to assist would-be innovators to get their ideas off the ground, facilitating innovation, experimentation and prototyping.

Jade Low

Office of Insights & Analytics

The SingHealth Office of Insights & Analytics (OIA) spearheads cluster-wide analytics projects to deliver effective and efficient healthcare to patients. It employs machine learning techniques such as Neural Networks and Random Forests to derive insights and predictions that will enable doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, and administrative and ancillary staff to implement a value-driven healthcare system. Its capabilities include data visualisation, building of dashboards, statistical analysis, predictive modelling, geospatial analysis and other analytics solutions.

Elian Chia

The SingHealth Office of Insights & Analytics (OIA) as part of the Division of Digital Strategy was formed to support SingHealth institutions to develop and maintain analytics solutions with core competencies in Data Science, Data Engineering and Data Insights. I joined this team as I have a passion in big data analytics and I strongly believe that Data Science has a major role in impacting patients’ care outcomes and experiences. The close collaboration and interaction between the team members as well as the diverse range of projects that we work on makes my experience in SingHealth a fulfilling journey.

Office for Service Transformation

The Office for Service Transformation (OST) focuses on creating a seamless and patient-centric experience. OST’s mission is to accelerate healthcare transformation through strategic projects and collaborating with departments across SingHealth to catalyse innovation and transformation through project support, partnerships and funding.

Debbie Tan

Change is needed to deliver seamless and cost-effective healthcare to patients amidst emerging healthcare challenges in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. At the Office for Service Transformation, we implement projects that aim to make the patient’s journey and experience with us smoother and as pleasant as can be. Our collaborative approach sees us engaging frontline health professionals to organisational leaders, ensuring transformation is brought together in an integrated and coherent way. I'm grateful to be part of this fast-moving environment, and I look forward to having you join us!