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Nurses: The Pride of SingHealth

At SingHealth, we employ more than 10,000 nurses whose focus is on providing care of the highest quality to patients.

Our nurses are an integral part of the healthcare team and they assume a wide range of clinical and patient care responsibilities. They work in a variety of inpatient and outpatient care settings including acute and general hospitals, national speciality centres, community hospitals and polyclinics, as well as in the community.

SingHealth nurses continuously learn, grow and play a role in shaping patient care practices. Through different professional career tracks and mentoring and career development programmes, our nurses expand their leadership skills, develop specialised clinical skills including advanced nursing practice, and grow their capabilities in areas such as nursing education, research and informatics.

Find out more about SingHealth Nursing Profession [ PDF | 1.2M ] and The Future of Nursing [ PDF | 32.5M ] 

Nursing Job Opportunities in SingHealth

Nursing Career Tracks

If your passion is to provide direct care to patients and their families, you can specialise in the clinical track as a Nurse Clinician or Advanced Practice Nurse.

Our wide selection of clinical specialities offers you opportunities to develop your knowledge in specialised disciplines of nursing such as oncology, critical care, perioperative nursing, haematology and medical nursing, among others. You will lead your team to deliver holistic and comprehensive patient care to promote health and recovery.

When you are ready, you can pursue your Master’s Degree in Nursing to develop your expertise as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN). The APN training includes two-year Master of Nursing course, followed by a one-year internship.
APNs will be able to perform the following roles:
  •  Elicit health histories and conduct complete physical examinations on patients
  •  Interpret laboratory and diagnostic results
  •  Develop differential diagnosis
  •  Provide treatment collaboratively with physicians and the healthcare team
  •  Provide health teaching and counseling to patients
  •  Prescribe medication as part of collaborative practice with physicians
  •  Provide clinical leadership and consults

Many of our APNs conduct clinic sessions in the outpatient settings either independently or with a physician.

If your interest is in leadership and management, you can specialise in the management track where you will manage a nursing unit, provide leadership to a team of nurses and work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive, integrated and value-based care.
You will be developed as a nurse manager and play an important role in ensuring effective and efficient execution of patient care by managing manpower, training and logistics. You will also support the hospital leadership to effect practice and process changes to raise the standards of patient care. Over time, you will be able to build skills in project management, strategic leadership and change management.
If your passion is in teaching, you can opt for the nursing education track by being a Clinical Instructor or Nurse Educator. You will play a key role in developing nursing students and new graduates and training them to manage care as part of an inter-professional healthcare team. As part of continuing nursing education, you will also help nurses keep abreast with the latest developments in nursing practices and technologies. Our Clinical Instructors and Nurse Educators are involved in the following key functions:

  1.  Orientation programme for new nursing graduates and experienced new nursing staff
  2.  Competency building and assessment workshops
  3.  Clinical teaching rounds
  4.  Preceptorship program
  5.  Advanced nursing education courses

You can also play a significant role at the SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Nursing and contribute to nursing education cluster level.
Once you have built up your clinical skills as a nurse, you can opt to be in the nursing research track where you will conduct primary research studies and reviews to contribute to practice changes. You will be trained to design research projects, gather resources, perform data collection and present and publish research findings. You also get to coach others in their research endeavours, facilitate research projects and teach and guide less experienced colleagues in their research journey.

Nurse-researchers must have critical thinking, an inquisitive mind-set and a passion to improve patient care.  This track allows you to contribute to nursing practice changes in a systematic and coordinated manner. 
If you are interested in informatics and technology, you can specialise in Nursing Informatics. In this track, you will capitalise on your clinical knowledge to develop solutions that support clinical decision-making and improve work processes. 

You will integrate nursing sciences, computer sciences, information management and analytical sciences to enhance nursing practices and achieve better patient care. You will perform data analytics and translate them into meaningful healthcare intelligence that is used to identify areas of improvement in the clinical setting. You will also have the opportunity to teach and guide nurses on new information systems and technologies. 

This track is exciting and quickly evolving as Singapore and SingHealth move towards digitalising healthcare to be a smart nation and healthcare cluster respectively. 

Be a SingHealth Nurse

Empowered to Lead Change