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Soh Ling Ling, Assistant Director, SNEC

“I spearhead several projects to introduce new systems and technology to enhance efficiency in our work processes.”

The role of a nurse is not limited to caring for patients. For me, it is also about introducing new systems and technology to facilitate efficiency in our work.

As I took over some roles in the operating theatre, I spearhead projects to improve work processes, such as a consolidated training manual for new staff and managers and the digitisation of our manual inventory systems. Concurrently, as the Chair of the SNEC Nursing Quality Management committee, I am also an active promoter for the TEAMspeak programme, which encourages staff to speak up to prevent patient harm.

Thinking back to when I first started my nursing career as a young girl, I never expected to be where I am today – celebrating 20 fruitful years as a nurse!

Soh Ling Ling
Assistant Director
Singapore National Eye Centre

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