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eProcurement System

SingHealth will be implementing an eProcurement System that would be applicable to all of our institutions within the cluster. This system should apply to all of our procurement activities. 

Suppliers must access listing of sourcing events by SingHealth’s institutions via Ariba Discovery. Suppliers who miss the publication of these events will not be allowed to participate. No appeal will be considered. 

Suppliers should follow the guide provided on the Section 6 of "Training Materials" on this website for submitting their response to a sourcing event. Failure to submit into the Ariba system by the closing time will result in non participation in the sourcing event. Suppliers are reminded that there is an event message (highlighted in Complete Supplier Guide) that confirms successful submission of their response. 

Although accessibility to the solution will be via the SingHealth Ariba eProcurement system, we would like to confirm that SingHealth institutions will remain your sole contracting party and all existing purchase orders will continue to be governed by SingHealth Insitutions' Terms and Conditions. SingHealth will retain the final supplier sourcing decisions and approvals for contractual commitments binding SingHealth and suppliers. Please continue to supply SingHealth requirements fully in accordance with existing contractual and business arrangements.

We are confident that with your support, we can successfully complete the transformation of the procurement operations. 


Together with our system integration provider, IBM, we will be reaching out to you to facilitate the onboarding process onto the Ariba Network, and we appreciate your support as part of the transformation. 

All suppliers will be required to get onboard the eProcurement system to access and respond to all of our sourcing events as we will be discontinuing existing platforms in due time. 

We look forward to your cooperation in providing complete and accurate details to enable a smooth and efficient transition to the new, improved ways of working. 

Should you have any questions with regards to the eProcurement system, please contact Ms. Wong Lai Yin, Ms. Shellen Tho or Mr Alvin Ng (Sourcing to Contract Module) and Mr Benn Lim (Requisition to Order Module) at

Additional Information 

1. eProcurement Key Milestones 

  • SingHealth Cluster Go Live in phases: 

    Sourcing and Contract Modules : 
    November 2014 ~ September 2015 
    * 28th November 2014 Go-Live for SHHQ 
    * 3rd August 2015 Go-Live for NHCS 
    * 11th August 2015 Go-Live for KKH 
    * 17th August 2015 Go-Live for SKH 
    * 26th August 2015 Go-Live for SNEC
    * 27th August 2015 Go-Live for NCC
    * 28th August 2015 Go-Live for SHP
    * 15th September 2015 Go-Live for SGH
    * 30th September 2015 Go-Live for NDC 

    Requisition and Catalogue Modules : August 2015 ~ December 2015

2. Ariba Discovery & Ariba Network 

  • All SingHealth Suppliers are expected to register in Ariba Discovery / Network to continue doing business with SingHealth. All sourcing events will be published through Ariba Discovery. Registration as a supplier is required for notification of sourcing events to be sent and accessed. By logging in to the systems, suppliers can also find any related event postings under Match Leads and find any invited events under Proposals. 

3. Email Contacts 

  • We would need your company to provide a generic or a common email address. This is the default email address for receiving sourcing events notification and Purchase Orders from SingHealth. 

4. Minimum Computer Requirement 

  • Web browsers with connection to the Internet 
  • Proxy Settings to allow: 
  • Microsoft Excel for loading of catalog files (.xls only) 

5. United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC)

The UNSPSC is an open, global, multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services. The UNSPSC has 4 hierarchies-Segment; Family; Class; Commodity. We would be using this code for our products and services that we purchase from you. This is required when you set up your profile on Ariba to identify the products and services that you offer, as well as to identify the products and services on the catalogs you will be uploading on the Ariba Network. For more information, please refer to

In the long term, as we put in place Track & Trace within SingHealth, we will also be including the GS1 standards for product codes.

6. Training Materials 

Please download the Supplier User Guide (in PDF format). If you like to learn more, refer to the training videos on Ariba Website.
Please click on the following links to download / access the embedded templates and additional information in the Training material: 

  1. SingHealth's UNSPSC Codes (Microsoft Excel format) 
  2. Catalog Template (Microsoft Excel format) 
  3. Microsoft Internet Explorer Upgrade (Link to Microsoft Website) 

Terms and Conditions of Purchase Order 

Standard Conditions for Supply of Products and Services