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Celebrating 200 Years of Medicine

Through The Ages (Jul 2021)

Here are five of our very own home-grown research breakthroughs that changed the way we deliver patient care

Your SingHealth Story: ADN Hoon Siew Jong

"Jobs were hard to come by in the 1970s. I had to choose between working in a factory or being a nurse."

Your SingHealth Story: Ng Kim Bock

"The most impactful experience of my career has got to be a trip I took to the United States with the World Health Organisation Fellowship in 1971..."

Your SingHealth Story: Dr Ong Peck Leong

"I recently started using Facebook and some of my past patients have gotten in touch with me there. As we get older, we realise that material things are not that important after all. We prefer to be remembered in a nice way.”

Your SingHealth Story: Jennifer Lee

"Back in the day, radiography was manually done and we had to carry the large, wet film for processing in dark rooms. Today, the images are transmitted digitally and we no longer have to worry about delivering wet film."

Through the Ages (Jun 2021)

As healthcare needs become more complex, how can SingHealth ensure that we are continuously providing a better tomorrow with the best outcomes for our patients?

Your SingHealth Story: Saidah Binte Shariff

"In those days, we had smaller clinics with just an outpatient dispensary and a maternal and child health clinic. It only cost $2.50 for an adult and 50 cents for a child to see the doctor."

Your SingHealth Story: A/Prof Lim Soo Teik

"Parallel to my clinical practice, I have had the privilege of participating in several healthcare IT projects with very passionate colleagues from the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), SingHealth and IHiS."

Your SingHealth Story: Teo Mi Shel

"When I was born, Prof Phua Kong Boo treated me for biliary atresia. 21 years later I'm happy to be colleagues with him at the same institution."

Your SingHealth Story: Arthur Cheng

"in the early 1990s, we provided radiographic support for coroner’s cases where death occurred under suspicious circumstances."

Through the Ages (May 2021)

Find out why an effective and integrated primary care system is essential.

Your SingHealth Story: Tanee Chan

"When I tell others I am a perfusionist, many have to Google what the profession is!"

Your SingHealth Story: Moyses Tan

"I started working as a clerk at the Still Road Outpatient Clinic, which was relatively small with only 2 clerical staff and 4 nurses."

Your SingHealth Story: Jodie Yeo

"Being a staff donor to the SCH Health Fund allows me to do an extra bit to help needy patients who fall through the cracks."

Your SingHealth Story: Assoc Prof Chua Yeow Leng

Assoc Prof Chua Yeow Leng was the second staff hired at NHCS. Read his story here!

Through the Ages (Apr 2021)

What is the difference between an acute hospital and a community hospital?

Your SingHealth Story: Seah Kim Lan

Read the story of Mdm Seah Kim Lan who worked at KKH for over 50 years.

Watch: Getting Inspired with Prof Wong Kok Seng

Who inspired Prof Wong Kok Seng, Deputy CEO (Clinical Services) of SingHealth Community Hospitals, to become a doctor? Find out in this video!

Through the Ages (Mar 2021)

Did you know that the roots of our national centres can be traced back to SGH?

What's your SingHealth story?

As SingHealth celebrates 200 years of medicine in Singapore, we invite you to share your SingHealth story.

Through The Ages (Feb 2021)

Who are Stanley, Bowyer and Norris and why they are important in the history of medicine in Singapore?

Watch: Meet our Longest Serving Physiotherapist

Find out more about Albert, our longest serving physiotherapist.

Through The Ages (Jan 2021)

Join us as we trace the history of medicine in Singapore