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Leelawathy D/O Subroyan

"COVID-19 was evolving and changing as the days went by. We really didn't know much about this new strain of virus. It started to become a little scary. But as days went on, we knew the hospital and our senior management were there for us and had plans in place even before we knew about them. I'm grateful for that. For now, I wish everyone strength in these unsettling times. My gratitude goes out to everyone who is fighting the pandemic and doing what they can to help us all. On this Nurses' Day, I hope that everyone continues to keep the spirit of appreciation alive, not just for the frontline workers, but also for every Singaporean who stood firm in our fight against COVID-19."

Leelawathy D/O Subroyan, Senior Enrolled Nurse, Endoscopy Centre, Sengkang General Hospital

Source: SKH Facebook