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Koh Sim Moy

"How are you feeling today?"
"Are you comfortable staying here?"
"Have you been in touch with any of your family members?" "Is there anything you need for your stay?"

Confirmed or suspect Covid-19 cases admitted to isolation wards receive these words of care and concern over the telephone from the Senior Patient Experience Managers (SPEMs).

One of them is Sis Koh Sim Moy, who is no stranger to caring for patients as a nurse in SGH for 52 years before joining the Office of Patient Experience as a SPEM.

These patients have no face-to-face contact with their family or friends during isolation so it is important to provide them with emotional support or lend them a listening ear during this challenging COVID-19 period.

Sharing on her experience while speaking to patients, Sis Koh said, “I once spoke to a Covid-19 patient and asked him about his condition. He asked me why I was unaware of his medical condition since I work in the Hospital. I had to explain that I am not allowed to access his medical record due to PDPA but I assured him that he is in good hands with our doctors taking care of him. The patient understood and expressed that it was comforting to hear someone at the end of the line asking how he was. The short conversation that we had brightened his day.”

Source: SGH Facebook