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Our Programmes

We work closely with like-minded partners to develop programmes that help to build an effective and sustainable healthcare system via knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices.

Trauma, Emergency & Disaster Management


Trauma, Emergency & Disaster Management

 Emergency training workshop

​First Response Emergency Training Programme in Karnataka, India
​Institutions ​State Institute of Health and Family Welfare (SIHFW), India
Singapore International Foundation 
Singapore General Hospital

Duration ​2016 - 2019
  • To strengthen pre-hospital emergency care skills for over 300 healthcare staff in Karnataka.
  • Key areas include trauma and burns management, advanced cardiovascular life support and community first responder courses.
  • The training will potentially be cascaded to another 900 healthcare staff in Karnataka by 60 Master Trainers.


Burns surgery

 Medical team preparing for surgery

Burns training

 Burns training programme for nurses

Capacity Enhancement for Burns Programme in Bangladesh
​Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn & Plastic Surgery
Dhaka Medical College and Hospital
Temasek Foundation International 
Singapore General Hospital
2016 - 2019
  • To train over 300 specialists and 10 hospital leaders in Bangladesh in areas such as reconstructive surgery, advanced burns treatment and rehabilitation.
  • The training will be cascaded to another 900 nurses by 60 Master Trainers.

  Sri Lanka

Orthopaedic surgery
 Medical teams from SGH and Jaffna performing surgery

Orthopaedic Nurse Training
 Nurse training workshop in Jaffna Teaching Hospital

Title ​Orthopaedic Development Project in Jaffna
​Institutions ​Jaffna University
Jaffna Teaching Hospital 
Lee Foundation
Duration 2015 - 2019​
  • To train healthcare professionals in trauma orthopaedic care, minimally invasive surgery, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Patient Safety & Hospital Quality Management

 Sri Lanka

Quality Assurance for Healthcare Programme

 Official launch of the Quality Assurance for Healthcare Programme in Colombo

​Title ​Quality Assurance for Healthcare Programme in Sri Lanka
Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Sri Lanka
Temasek Foundation International 
Sengkang General Hospital 
Singapore General Hospital​
Duration ​2017 - 2020
  • To strengthen healthcare leadership and clinical governance in Sri Lanka.
  • The training will benefit more than 260 healthcare professionals and cascade to another 500 in Sri Lanka.


Healthcare Executives in Asia Leadership programme

Leaders from Temasek Foundation International, SingHealth and National Healthcare Group at the official launch ceremony of TF Healthcare Executives in Asia Leadership (HEAL) Programme in October 2015

Healthcare Executives in Asia Leadership programme
 Opening ceremony of the 5th TF HEAL programme in December 2018

​Title ​Healthcare Executive in Asia Leadership (HEAL) Programme
Temasek Foundation International 
National Healthcare Group
​Duration ​2015 - 2019
  • To provide a platform for healthcare leaders and public officials from across Asia to share best practices and build strong networks of cooperation in the region.
  • The 5-day workshop held in Singapore is jointly organised by SingHealth and National Healthcare Group, and covers a wide range of topical healthcare issues including healthcare governance, leadership, quality, process improvement and management with a particular focus on policy implementation strategies. 

Maternal & Child Health


Maternal and Child Health training
 Maternal and Child Health training workshop

Title Enhancing Maternal and Child Health Services Project
State Institute of Health and Family Welfare (SIHFW), 
Government of Karnataka, India
Singapore International Foundation (SIF)
2015 - 2018
  • To share knowledge and enhance the capacity of healthcare workers in managing high-risk pregnancies, obstetric and neonatal emergencies.
  • To reduce infant and maternal mortality and morbidity.
  • In partnership with the local government hospitals, the project aim to create better care and health services for the women and babies in Karnataka.

Nursing & Allied Health


Title ​Physiotherapy Bachelor Bridging Programme
​​​​Institutions ​University of Health Sciences, Laos
Singapore General Hospital​
Duration ​2016 - 2019
  • To conduct undergraduate training for physiotherapists in University of Health Sciences, Laos.


 AED training workshop
 Nurses from SingHealth demonstrating the use of AED at a training workshop at Tianjin First Centre Hospital

Nursing training workshop

 Nursing workshop participants at Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University

Title ​Nursing Management Programme in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, China
​Institutions ​Beijing Anzhen Hospital
Tianjin First Center Hospital
Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University
Singapore General Hospital
Duration ​2017 - 2020
  • To exchange skills and knowledge in nursing practice and conduct nursing management training.

Humanitarian Work

  Singhealth humanitarian work        Singhealth humanitarian work

​  Singhealth humanitarian work 

   Volunteer medical teams providing reconstructive surgery to children in Cambodia, Bangladesh and Myanmar

​Title ​SingHealth Brings a Smile (SingSmile)
​Countries ​Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Aung Ban & Mawlamyine, Myanmar
  • ​SingSmile is a humanitarian programme that provides surgical care to patients with cleft or craniofacial conditions.
  • Since 2016, multidisciplinary care teams specialising in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery from SingHealth have gone on 5 mission trips to help more than 85 patients.