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Fu Liqing, Nurse Clinician, NNI

“We play a pivotal role in improving stroke care, such as enhancing the drug delivery process for hyper acute stroke management.” 

As a nurse, I have the privilege to work alongside like-minded people with diverse skills who share a common goal of delivering high-quality patient care. I lead the hyper acute stroke nursing services, and teamwork is key to our success in improving the door-to-treatment time. 

I am currently pursuing further education to build my knowledge and skills, as I desire to constantly innovate to transform care for our patients. For example, I am involved in a project to implement a tissue plasminogen activator box (tPA) in the radiology department, which contains the clot-busting drug tPA and other tools needed to administer the drug. This allows our drug delivery for hyper acute stroke management to be more efficient.

Fu Liqing
Nurse Clinician
National Neuroscience Institute

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