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Er Jia Min Stephanie

"Since the start of COVID-19, there have been calls for healthcare professionals to join the frontline. I kept wondering how I could contribute more as a pharmacist, on top of our regular duties to keep the hospital running smoothly amidst the global crisis. When Community Care Facilities@Expo was setting up and required Pharmacy services, I jumped on the opportunity to chip in and do my part as a healthcare professional.

The experience was rewarding, especially as a new pharmacist. Apart from fulfilling my desire to care for the migrant worker community, I also learn about other aspects of Pharmacy practice such as inventory management and working with limited resources. It was extremely humbling to be working alongside a diverse team of people who have all stepped forward to serve in difficult times.

There's an incident when I was pushing a heavy trolley full of medications inside the hall and had some trouble with the wires on the ground. 3 of the residents rushed forward to help me lift my trolley. That was particularly memorable for me as it reminded me how human beings instinctively help someone else in need, and this is the spirit that I believe we can all embrace, now more than ever."

~ Er Jia Min Stephanie, Pharmacist

Source : SGH Facebook