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Dr Ubaidullah Shaik Dawood

When I was informed of a patient I was managing tested positive for COVID-19, it felt surreal. The virus was getting closer to us than we had realised.

Fear and uncertainty crept in. Did I maintain my hand hygiene and wear my mask properly? Was there a possibility that I could be infected? What will happen to my junior doctors and nurses?

Being a senior doctor with juniors under my wing, my sense of responsibility kicked in. This situation is real and we have to face the challenges. It is an opportunity for me to inspire my fellow healthcare workers through hard work and leadership. Together, we can motivate each other and keep our spirits high to avoid getting burned out.

What do I miss most? My kids - their warm hugs when they welcome me home from work. COVID-19 has changed some of the rules at home. Now there are no hugs at the door. I’ll shower immediately and put my clothes into the laundry before I start interacting with them.

We are doing our best to tackle this tough period in history. Everybody has a part to play in flattening the curve by staying at home, practising safe distancing and being socially responsible. We are united and we can only beat this together!

Dr Ubaidullah Shaik Dawood, Consultant, Department of Renal Medicine

Source: SKH Facebook