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Andres Lim

Ensuring Medication Safety

People often think of a pharmacist as one who packs and dispenses medications. In reality, we work behind the scenes ensuring medication safety for our patients.

As a pharmacist working in COVID-19 inpatient wards, I know not many are aware that my responsibilities include verifying medications and performing interventions for drug-related issues, providing drug information, and performing medication reconciliation and counselling for patients.

I can vividly remember the first time I did an inhaler counselling session for a patient (isolation ward) who was awaiting discharge. What made it memorable though this happened 4 months ago was the great team spirit. Our colleagues went out of their way to look out for one another, ensuring our safety.

When my personal protective equipment (PPE) gown came loose before entering the patient's room, a healthcare assistant helped to tighten the knot immediately. As it was my first time dispensing medication to a patient in an isolation ward, she took care to assist me in donning the face shield too.

Our COVID-19 patients are always happy to see us with their discharge medications as they associate this with going home. It's always comforting to see patients recover and are healthy and happy.

Although it will be an uphill battle ahead with the current surge in patient load, it is a timely reminder that teamwork and looking out for one another is important. I believe we can do so much

more together than doing it alone. Let's all be mindful to do our part to stop the spread!

Andres Lim, Pharmacist, SKH

Source: SKH Facebook