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Chan Ying Yue

"January 25, the first day of Chinese New Year, SKH had its first COVID-19 case, and everything changed. On CNY, I had to leave my family halfway through our visit to my mum's place and head back to work. My kids did not see me for two days. When I eventually saw them, they asked me, 'Mummy where have you been?' I apologised for being away and told them that 'Mummy had an important job to do. I had to prepare to help fight this deadly virus that's coming very close to us.' I share this because I am profoundly proud to be part of a profession full of strong, caring, sacrificial and devoted people who will risk all to care for others in need."

Chan Ying Yue, Senior Staff Nurse, Infection Control & Prevention Department, Sengkang General Hospital

Source: SKH Facebook