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Volunteer With Us

At SingHealth Community Hospitals, we believe in spreading positivity to the people around us with warmth and joy. As we serve needy patients who require immediate and long-term medical care, we inspire volunteers and community partners to step forward and contribute in their own ways.

Volunteers bring joy and delight to the lives of our patients and are of tremendous importance in their journey to recovery. Our patients enjoy and are heartened by the friendliness and care that you provide in the form of companionship and various activities. Your contribution of time brings a vital personal touch, and we also hope for you to gain an enriching experience through your interactions with the patients.

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to join us and share in our dedication to serve the elderly, sick and needy in our community.

What's in it for you?

Through our various programmes, volunteers have the opportunity to interact with people who come from different backgrounds, and meet like-minded individuals who hold the same interests and values. You will also be able to learn different kinds of skillsets, or find the right platform to practise and leverage your skills on. Moreover, the sense of fulfilment that one derives from volunteering is something that can hardly be experienced in our daily lives. 

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We are grateful to all who find the time to volunteer and to share in our dedication to serve the elderly, sick and needy in our community. Find out what are some of the regular volunteer activities at our hospitals.