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The Inseparable Bond

Widowed early on, Madam Wong, 67, has single-handedly raised her mentally-challenged daughter for the past 30 years. As a result, mother and daughter are immensely protective of each other.

Unfortunately, a recent fall and a stroke left Mdm Wong unable to care for herself, much less her daughter. Mdm Wong was admitted to OCH for rehabilitation in hopes of regaining her independence. Her daughter underwent caregiver training, but was unable to properly care for her mother on her own.

Prioritizing her safety, Mdm Wong’s care team suggested a transfer to a nursing home to continue receiving the best possible care – but away from her daughter’s side.

Unwilling and unable to bear being parted from her only child, Mdm Wong refused to go to the nursing home as she felt a duty to remain at home to care for her daughter.

This difficult decision had its own challenges. Mdm Wong required assistive devices for basic activities like dressing and showering, which she could not afford despite receiving aid from multiple assistance schemes.

With your kind generosity, these are the gaps that the SCH Health Fund helps to bridge. Besides medical equipment, the SCH Health Fund also provides interim financial assistance for needy patients in other areas like transport costs, medical and other supplies, to help in their recovery journey.

More than just providing patients with much needed help, your donations help families like Mdm Wong stay together, enabling them to maintain that inseparable bond between mother and child.