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About SKCH

Opened on 20 August 2018, Sengkang Community Hospital (SKCH) is co-located with Sengkang General Hospital. There are 8 wards in service currently, with 247 community hospital beds and 22 IHPCS beds. At full capacity, SKCH will have 400 beds.  

The co-location of the community hospital, along with the acute hospital and specialist clinics, will ensure a smooth transition for patients from initial diagnosis to treatment and follow-up care. This healthcare hub will also allow patients convenient access to a wide range of medical and rehabilitative services.

Going beyond functional infrastructure, our healthcare team strives to listen to patients' concerns, empower them with accurate information to make informed decisions and live meaningfully. Offering holistic treatment, the team comprises family physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals who each has a critical role to play. Even though rehabilitative care is the focus in community hospitals, family physicians also help to stabilise medical conditions and treat chronic diseases.

In line with SCH's aim to bridge care and build communities, we connect patients with healthcare teams in their own communities so that they can continue receiving care after discharge.

Our Hospitals

Outram Community Hospital

Located within the SGH Campus, OCH allows patients' convenient access to Singapore General Hospital and national specialty centres.

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