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Bringing Joy To The Wards

Sing’theatre Bringing Joy To The Wards
Volunteers from Sing’theatre, one of Singapore’s more recognisable performance arts groups, have been empowering the arts community by sharing music’s infectious energy! 

Every Monday, wards at Sengkang Community Hospital (SKCH) and Outram Community Hospital (OCH) are visited by talented volunteers who serenade patients with classic tunes and modern hits – a commitment that has been active since April 2023 as part of a collective effort, “365 days of Music @SingHealth”, to bring live music daily to ten institutions across SingHealth.

Forging Unexpected Friendships
Interests and hobbies have an uncanny way of getting people together, and staff volunteers from SCH Organisation Planning & Performance sowed the seeds of friendship as they participated in activities such as Variety Hour and Chinese New Year handicrafts.

The volunteers also came with desirable prizes, such as portable fans, to get ever yone in the wards smiling and sharing their own stories!

A Tote-ally Fun Time
52 staff from clinical and administrative departments had a chance to flex their creative muscles with the “Bags for a Cause” project conducted by the Outreach & Volunteers team.

The creatively designed tote bags had no problem turning heads, and staff rightly auctioned the 65 designed tote bags to raise over $2,000, all of which went to the SCH Health Fund to support patients’ journey towards recovery and hope.