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Let's Get to Know Our Doctors!

In-conjunction with World Family Doctors' Day, get to know more about our multi talented doctors!

Eden Tay, Staff Registrar,
Family Physician, BVCH, Post-acute and Continuing Care (PACC)

All work…

I enrolled into medical school with the goal of becoming a family physician, as I believe that primary care is where I can make a positive impact on community health. Personally, I was also attracted by the breadth and knowledge requirements of family medicine – there really are a lot of things to learn!

My years of training as a family physician has built my confidence in managing both young and elderly patients. I relish the opportunity to care my patients beyond their current acute medical needs, such as  helping them to manage their chronic conditions or addressing their psychosocial concerns. 

And also play!
Singing is a favourite hobby of mine!

When I was in medical school, I performed yearly at our informal annual music jamming session. I enjoy Chinese ballads and oldies from acoustic bands, and sing mostly with friends at open bars, karaoke sessions, and occasionally during work events.

As I do know quite a fair bit of older Chinese, Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese songs (Disclaimer: I don't sing them well at all, it's too hard!), it has also helped me connect better with my elderly patients who  also enjoy music from their generation. 

Cheryl Tan, Consultant,
OCH Post-acute and Continuing Care (PACC) 

Working in a community hospital

Over the years from being a family medicine resident and fellowship trainee to becoming a tutor and mentor to younger residents, I have come to the realisation that my interest in pursuing family medicine is so much more.

The patients under our care are increasingly complex, with most of them, especially the elderly, having poor health literacy. Our role is to guide them along their health journey, taking into consideration their values, ideas and concerns. In a community hospital, we work in multi-disciplinary teams to better patient care and learn from each other's expertise, embodying the saying that "no man is an island" when we are providing care for our patients.

Exercise better, live better
Echoing the sentiments from Healthier SG to "exercise better and live better", I embarked on a personal health journey and was introduced to Pilates Reformer classes by my colleague (and friend!) last year. Being a full-time working mom of 2 young boys with little additional time to spare, the multitude of classes offered by the studio helps me schedule my workouts easily. The classes challenge me physically and mentally, as the reformer adds another layer of intensity compared to traditional mat workouts. I enjoy spending time with my friends after the classes too. Because Pilates offers me a channel to de-stress, I am able to perform my other roles in life more efficiently.

Word of advice!
There is no need to be "fit" or "toned" before trying out Reformer classes, as the instructors will tailor the class structure to your fitness level. The first step is the most important – stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out something new!

Lee Hong Qing, Resident Physician,
BVCH, Post-Acute and Continuing Care (PACC)

Treating beyond diseases

I have a deep passion for bettering the lives of people around me and becoming a family doctor allows me to do just that. As a family doctor, I believe in the need to treat patients beyond their diseases. Not just physically, all health aspects of the patients should be taken care of, and I aspire to achieve that while performing my duties as a family doctor. 

Whenever I see my patients, I try to be compassionate and put myself in their shoes. By doing so, I am able to connect with patients from all walks of life, learn something new from their stories and reflect on myself to be a better person.

Drawing from my passion
When I was in primary school, I was very interested in arts and Chinese calligraphy. Subsequently, I discovered my passion for calligraphy and preferred the traditional approach of writing Chinese calligraphy on paper. Time to time, I get my calligraphy inspirations from work happenings, people around me and even objects. Writing calligraphy helps me to destress after a long day at work!

Low Jia Hua, Senior Staff Registrar,
SKCH Post-Acute and Continuing Care

Personalising for Patient Care
I wanted to become a family doctor as family medicine comprises many fields of medicine. I enjoy the time we have in the community hospital to personalise care for each patient that we see. The opportunity to be able to treat a wide range of patients also leaves us with much room to learn and grow together as a team.

Cooking up a storm
I started cooking for my wife when she was expecting so that she can have healthy yet delicious (I hope so!) meals. During the process, I realised that although there may be recipes to follow, cooking is mostly based off broad principles, and then subsequently there is a lot of room for personalisation and customisation. To all budding chefs, Youtube is a great resource!

My favourite dish to cook is my grandma's Nasi Lemak recipe. Sometimes, I also bring my cooked food for my colleagues to try. My team gets the best welfare…an army marches on its stomach! 

Tan Yin Shuen, Staff Registrar,
OCH Post-Acute and Continuing Care

Integrating patients back into the community

In the community hospital setting, I find it meaningful to be able to be part of the team that is with our patient every step of the way until they are able to integrate back into the community successfully.  I enjoy interacting with my patients, getting to know them personally, and preparing them well for discharge.

Another aspect which I enjoy about working in a community hospital is being able to work with many different patients with a wide range of conditions. The breath of family medicine allows us to do that.

Putting on my dancing shoes
A little known fact about me is that I started dancing ballet at 6 years old as part of my extra-curriculum activity, and I never really stopped! My favourite ballet dance to perform is Giselle Variation Act 1 – I enjoy the combination of discipline and grace that needs to be incorporated into this art form. Ballet also trains strength, stamina and flexibility all at once, in addition to musicality, which makes it a very wholesome art form.

I believe that the focus and discipline which I have developed over the course of sustaining my pursuit in ballet have proved useful, especially when it comes to studying to further or improve my knowledge in areas that are lacking. But more than that, ballet is certainly my way to relax after work!

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