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Playing to our Strengths

Our admin colleagues may not be in the frontlines when it comes to patient care but they are most definitely not one to be on the sidelines. By partnering and providing support to our clinical teams, our administrators smoothen out work processes so that our clinical teams can focus on giving our patients the best care.

To celebrate World Administrative Professionals' Day on 26 April, our admin colleagues share what inspired them to join healthcare and some of their most memorable experiences working alongside the clinical teams. 

Nurina Md Khamis, Assistant Manager, Office of Patient Safety & Quality (OPSQ)
I had never imagined myself working in healthcare, but a temporary stint at KKH when I was younger changed my mind. In a blink of an eye, it has been 21 years since I joined SingHealth! Being in the healthcare sector has given me the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to many patients' lives.

As part of the OPSQ team, we help to develop policies and guidelines to ensure that patient care is consistent across our three community hospitals. Good patient care is not only about providing our patients with the right treatment, but also ensuring that they do not experience adverse events during their stay.

My team and I support patient care by monitoring the incidents reported across the three community hospitals. Incident reporting gives us the opportunity to review current processes, and we work closely with the clinical teams to implement changes to mitigate the risk of incidents from happening again. I am proud to be able to help drive patient safety initiatives leading to better patient care. 

Fun fact about me!
I am trained in Muay Thai boxing and have been practicing it for 5 years. I enjoy kicking the boxing pads during training. It helps to keep me energized, motivated and focused. 

Raudha Ismail, Senior Associate, Learning & Development (Human Resource)
I have been with SCH since February 2020 and my experience thus far has been very rewarding. It is inspiring to be working in the healthcare industry and being able to help in our own ways that lead to better patient outcomes.

Working with my colleagues in the Learning & Development team, I help to coordinate a series of fundamental programmes for new joiners to help them integrate better into the SCH family.

During our orientation programmes for example, our new colleagues are able to interact with peers from different departments and get to know the different areas of work in SCH, leading to better working relationships in the future. Our team also conducts basic conversational language classes to help our foreign colleagues assimilate into Singapore's multi-racial culture. The importance of understanding our patients is undeniable!

Fun fact about me!
I am a foodie through and through. Pre-pandemic, you will see me queuing for any food item that goes viral on social media. During the circuit breaker, I brought that passion for food into my kitchen and tried out new recipes with my husband and friends. That interest has lived up till today!

Valmond Lai, Senior Executive, Support Operations
Healthcare is an integral aspect in our society, especially in the light of the recent pandemic. While our clinical teams are on the frontlines caring for our patients, our SCH Support Ops team are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the services supporting patient care are delivered smoothly.

I recall vividly when the safe management measures were rolled out, the team spent almost an entire afternoon setting up areas across the hospital to meet the requirements. It was tiring but we found joy in the work that we do. It would not have been possible without a helpful and dedicated Support Ops team.

I find it fulfilling to be part of a team that creates a comfortable environment for our patients who can be vulnerable during their stay with us. When I was a caregiver for my late dad, I shared similar experiences with other family members in hoping for our loved ones to be comfortable while in the hospital. I also enjoy the process of resolving daily operational challenges and making improvements to existing workflows and processes for a good cause.

Fun fact about me!
I have a black belt in Judo and have been training since my college days. When I have the time, I would assist my coach and teach the kids' class on Saturdays!