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Wendy (extreme left) and some of her colleagues started the walk from Outram Community Hospital (OCH)

This is not a tale of the Monkey King and his friends' journey to collect the sacred scroll but a story of a team defying against the odds to raise funds for BVH needy patients!

For Wendy Koh, Senior Executive, Community Relations (CR) team at Bright Vision Hospital (BVH), being the event organiser for the recent inaugural iWALK event was just not enough. To experience the journey as a participant and to do her part for our needy patients, she decided to sign herself up for the 10km race.

"A week before iWALK commenced, I prepared myself by going for regular jogs, with the goal in mind to finish 10km within two sessions during the event," shared Wendy.

But that was not all. On the last day of the event, Wendy and a few other colleagues from various departments - Food Services, Finance, Operations and Office of Patient Experience - completed a 19.66km walk within a short period of 5.5 hours to end the event on a high note!

The Long Walk
Inspired by one of the Nursing teams who had walked from SKCH to BVH, Wendy and company decided to challenge themselves with a three-institution route.

The journey started from OCH, towards BVH and ended at SKCH. Along the way, the team rewarded themselves with several food pit stops.

"Our final pit stop was at Lao Zhong Zhong Eating House which is famous for its Five Spice dish and River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles, a popular place serving a variety of prawn noodles and soups," said Wendy.

It was almost 10pm when they had finished their dinner, but they were all energetic and ready to continue on with the journey as their tummies were filled with delicious food!

Of course, the journey was not a bed full of roses (in this case, a road full of food). Upon reaching BVH, a few of them were already feeling exhausted, having walked a distance of 13km. Their feet were sore and the only way to keep going was to motivate each other.

The park connector from BVH to SKCH seemed endless but they pressed on, while enjoying the cool night breeze and their ice cream…

… and soon, the team unlocked the achievement and completed the walkaton!

They cheered, took photos and congratulated one another for accomplishing such a great milestone. As tired as they were, it was a journey that they will always remember for life.

The BVH iWalk charity event saw a total of 793 participants covering more than 11,906km. Thank you everyone who had participated and shown your support towards the event. Hope you have enjoyed yourselves and found a new motivation to keep exercising. Till the next walkaton!