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Caring From the Heart

To Jenny Tan, Patient Experience Associate (PEA) from Sengkang Community Hospital (SKCH), the act of caring for others is compelling as it inspires others to be part of the culture within and beyond SCH.

The atmosphere at SKCH Ward 89 was filled with merriment.

Carrying a cake into the ward, the care team approached Mdm Ng's bed to sing her a birthday song.

It was a simple celebration, yet, Mdm Ng was filled with tears of joy – excited as she could finally spend time with her loved ones, even if it's only virtually, because of the pandemic.

And through the screen – orchestrated by her loving son – everyone exclaimed.

"Happy Birthday!"

Taking the Leap of Faith
Like many patients, Mdm Ng has not had visitors for quite a while due to the hospital's visitation restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disappointed that she had to spend the Chinese New Year and her upcoming birthday alone in the hospital, the care team decided to surprise Mdm Ng with a special event earlier this year to cheer her up.

Jenny had coordinated closely with the care team from Ward 89 and connected with Mdm Ng's son to bring the memorable celebration to the patient.

As a PCA, Jenny attends to patients and caregivers' needs - from meal ordering to serving food, changing diapers, taking vital signs, assisting patients' toileting and supporting the nurses in other various tasks.

"Jenny and the PEAs are key members of the team who always help us around the ward to ensure that our patients are safe and staying active, and that their needs are attended to," shared SKCH Staff Nurse Cortez Karen Jane Olandia.

"She is always the first to lend a helping hand and we appreciate her efforts. The role of PEAs has greatly lightened the team's duties in caring for the patients in the wards," said Quiocson Willard Caro, Patient Care Assistant at SKCH.

Her desire to care for others and bring smiles to the people around her were the contributing factors that encouraged Jenny to join the healthcare force.

Although it can be challenging, she enjoys every bit of her job and has never regretted taking the leap of faith to change her profession.

"I came from the finance sector, and while working there I volunteered regularly with my group of friends to cook for hospice patients and befrienders. My interest in helping others grew from then on," shared Jenny.

Eventually, her strong desire to give back to the community led her to her current job. But that's not all.

Apart from cooking, Jenny possesses another skillset – hairdressing. She is currently attending a course conducted by the People's Association to be a certified hairdresser so that she can help with patients' grooming!

And what motivates her to go the extra mile?

"Some patients have shared with me their wish on self-grooming while they were recovering in the hospital and I find that it's my responsibility to fulfil their wishes!" said Jenny. 

Caring for Others
It has been three years since Jenny became part of the SCH family.

During these years, Jenny has bonded with many patients and staff who inspired her to continuously care for others.

To Jenny, what's most important is that we help others with a genuine heart, love and compassion.

"In everything we do, always remember the 2'P's in mind – have that Passion to care for others followed by Patience to follow through!" advised Jenny.