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Passion for his craft

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 SCH World Family Doctors' Day Series 2021: Part 2 of 3​

From organ systems to the HIV, Dr Gabriel Yee, Associate Consultant at BVH Post-Acute & Continuing Care, was set on becoming a microbiologist at a young age. His keen interest in the study of infectious diseases had been the result of books his father bought him since he was just three years old.

However during Junior College, Gabriel volunteered at Assisi Hospice for two years under his parents' encouragement. The experience of interacting with patients and their loved ones, being able to help individuals directly and sharing in their joys and sufferings cemented his decision to be a doctor, although he still maintained a keen interest in Infectious Diseases.

Since the pandemic hit Singapore in 2020, Gabriel has been caring for COVID-19 patients at BVH, allowing him to marry his two interests – he could learn more about the infectious disease COVID-19 as he treats his patients, while at the same time able to directly help each individual patient nurse back to help. This has been his most memorable experience with SCH thus far.

"It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey being part of the team to get BVH COVID-ready not once, but twice! I really appreciate the teamwork and friendships forged in SCH which ultimately benefits the patients in this sanctuary of care."

BVH now cares for more international COVID-19 patients, as compared to last year where patients were mostly migrant workers.

"It's been quite fascinating engaging with the current (international) patients. They are all unique individuals each with their own stories to tell. We've been caring for husbands and wives, professional gamers and even Mixed Martial Artists!

Our doctors, nurses, social workers and OPE staff have also been amazing at meeting their care expectations and communication of their care plans. They even had high praise for our food. Kudos to the Operations and Kitchen teams!"

Outside of work, Gabriel spends his free time chasing after his daughters, pampering his wife with good food, running, playing the piano and playing computer games. He also enjoys making coffee for others, having acquired a new French Press recently. For coffee lovers, this may pique your interest:

"Blending the beans, similar to blending whiskies, is an art in itself. For example, I blend certain chocolaty Peruvian single origin (single malt anyone?) beans with woody Libericas and earthy Robustas to give a heavy dark chocolaty blend. I get much of my coffee from Yong Seng – a coffee roaster at Tiong Bahru Market that's been in the trade for 40 years."

As a family physician, Gabriel appreciates being able to be at the helm of a patient's care journey. He works with a multi-disciplinary team to consider a patient's unique biological, psychological and social issues before formulating the best shared plan.

"We handle everything from womb to tomb! Geriatric home care, Palliative care, Chronic Sick Care – you name it, we've done it!"

Be it at work or in his personal life, Gabriel is truly passionate to his craft.