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One Good Deed Deserves Another

SingHealth Community Hospitals nominated two donors who delivered many acts of kindness for the National Awards (COVID-19) to recognise their contributions during the pandemic.

Doing Good is Family Business
When Mr Frankie Tan Kum Cheong’s late father was admitted to Bright Vision Community Hospital(BVCH) years back, the kindness and dedication of the healthcare staff deeply touched him. Wanting to repay his gratitude, he has been supporting and giving back to BVCH since May 2020.

“I came from a low-income family so we struggled with my father’s medical bills,” said Frankie, who works in a freight forwarding company. Frankie’s family was then referred to the hospital’s Medical Social Services team, which assisted to relieve the financial burden of the bills and arranged for caregiving discharge plans. “The social workers took time to understand our difficulties and brought us great relief!”

Therefore, when Frankie heard that BVCH was to be converted to a COVID-19 Treatment Facility in the midst of the pandemic, he decided to show his support by regularly buying ice cream treats for staff to uplift their spirits.

Frankie even went one step further to encourage his son, Ryan, who just started working, to give back to society as well.

“My son initially asked me why we should donate our hard-earned money,” Frankie shared. But it  was after his words of encouragement that Ryan came to realise the importance of gratitude and how giving, regardless of the amount, can be of help to someone in need. Inspired by his father’s act of kindness, Ryan went on to donate two coffee machines and coffee capsules towards BVCH’s staff wellness programme!

Warm Tummies and Hearts
Having seen how the healthcare workers battled tirelessly on the front line during the peak of the pandemic, Mr Raghavendra Shastry wanted to cheer them on and show his gratitude for their hard work. So he planned fortnightly meal deliveries from his restaurant MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms) at Serangoon Road to the hardworking healthcare heroes at BVCH.