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Inspiring Encounters, Unforgettable Moments

To be open to learning, to constantly seek growth, to have the ability to communicate well and to be able motivate others, are some of the leadership qualities which Wan Nursharazilla Binte Abdul Rahman, Senior Staff Nurse at SKCH believes are important.

As one of the recipients of the 2023 SingHealth Nurses Day Group Chief Nurse Emerging Leader Award, Sharazilla shared that it is the many great mentors whom she has crossed paths with, who have taught her what it means to be a good leader.

"Sister Vali was my first supervisor in SKCH and her wide range of knowledge, professionalism and meticulousness always amazes me. Sister Shumin and Sister Chen Chen are also leaders whom I respect and look up to, and I am grateful to be working under their guidance and alongside them."

Sharazilla also recalls one of her Nurse Educators when she was still a student nurse.

"She was stern, yet so delicate and patient when it comes to teaching nursing students like us. I was also surprised that she still remembers my name when I coincidentally bumped into her 18 years later and learned that she is now a Chief Nurse at one of the healthcare institutions!"

Sharazilla pursued a career in Nursing as she was intrigued by the vast opportunities that the profession has to offer. She joined SCH in 2020 from an acute hospital setting, and is currently with SKCH Ward 85, looking after elderly patients with dementia.

To Sharazilla, the Nursing profession is like no other. Having come across many patients in her 16 years as a nurse, Sharazilla shared a memorable patient encounter which had left a deep impression on her.

"When I was still working in the acute hospital, I used to nurse a young patient, J. J had kidney failure and was a long stayer with us, but he was always cheerful. His elderly mum visited him everyday and brought him food.

One fine day, he experienced severe breathlessness due to a massive fluid overload, and we had to rush him to the dialysis unit immediately to remove the excess fluid. On the way there, J told me to look after his mum should anything happen to him and even made me do a pinky promise with him. I did not think much of it and assured him that he will be fine.

Unfortunately, J collapsed upon reaching the dialysis unit and sadly, he did not make it. Remembering my promise to J, I remained in contact with J's mum and even became close with her after a while. She has passed on 3 years ago, but this incident always reminds me of how life can be so unpredictable and to treasure every moment. I was also glad that I could be there for J's mum throughout her last few years."

Sharing a smile or laughter with her patients and colleagues amidst a busy day at work brings joy to Sharazilla, knowing that she has brightened up someone's day.

​"I remember fondly of a patient with dementia who was always so angry whenever any of our nurses approach her. We tried many ways to engage her with activities, and we eventually found out that she loves babies. Hence we got her a baby doll and she will dress up the baby doll, sleep with it and she was very smiley whenever we asked her how her 'baby' was doing.

Seeing her positive change in mood and knowing that we have helped her in some way, makes me really happy and keeps me going even when things get challenging!"

In time, Sharazilla aspires to be nursing leader who leads by example, demonstrate high integrity at all times and practice empathy when needed, while broadening her competencies in Geriatric nursing and improving her communication skills to help her better interact with patients, their family members and colleagues.

"Every experience that we encounter makes us a better nurse today. More importantly, continue to stay humble, persevere on and strive for the best in everything we do. Find our balance, and we will be able to truly help those in need. Happy Nurses' Day!"