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From Dreaming to Healing Part Two

​In conjunction with Allied Health Day that falls on 11 October 2023, we unravel the inspiring narratives of these passionate individuals who chose the path of Allied Health at SCH and discover the driving force behind their unwavering commitment to healing!


​Javier Won's journey into the world of Allied Health started with a strong educational foundation in food science and nutrition, which he later expanded through studies in nutrition and dietetics.

Over the past five years, he has been a part of SCH Dietetics Services in SKCH, where his role involves providing medical nutrition therapy to patients referred by the medical team.

As a dietitian, his motivation for work stems from a deep-seated belief that healthy eating is the frontline defense against diseases and a cornerstone of overall well-being.

​ ​Javier's inspiration to work in healthcare came from mentors who showed him the profound impact healthcare professionals can have on patients' lives.

“I firmly believe that by improving people's dietary habits, I can help them lead healthier and happier lives,” said Javier.

An unexpected introduction from a friend and now colleague, Jodie Yeo, led Javier to SCH.

The longer patient stays in the community hospital allows him to form meaningful bonds with those he cares for. This, in turn, makes his work even more fulfilling.

Javier attributes much of his success and satisfaction to his supportive team at SCH. The camaraderie, mentorship, and mutual support among his peers have created an environment where everyone can contribute to their fullest potential.


​What fuels OCH Physiotherapist (PT) Pevenpreet Kaur's passion for her work is a deep-rooted family legacy of selfless service.

Her maternal grandparents, who served others with unwavering dedication, inspired her to join the healthcare sector.

Her grandfather was an English language and literature teacher as well as a discipline master. He provided free tuition to those who could not afford them, while her grandmother who was a housewife, used to cook food for those who came for the lessons.
​Joining the healthcare sector is Pervenpreet’s way of staying close to her parents’ values and making a difference in the world, just as they did!

Her journey as a physiotherapy student led her to the doors of two different community hospitals, where she found a unique connection with patients.

Because patients stay longer at community hospitals, Pevenpreet can truly understand them and forge bonds of trust and care. She finds it fulfilling to be able to patients achieve their goals during their stay.

Her final clinical placement at OCH was a turning point. Working closely with her inspiring and motivating supervisor, PT Rina Choo, Pevenpreet realised that OCH was where she wanted to be.

The collaborative spirit among healthcare professionals and the shared commitment to a patient's journey resonated with her.

For Pevenpreet, any patient leaving OCH with improved function becomes a cherished memory.

She finds working in OCH is an ideal workplace as she gets to see 
many kinds of patients. She recently developed an interest to care for patients who suffer from stroke and had undergone a two-month attachment at an acute stroke ward in SGH.

“I had a patient who was admitted after suffering multiple strokes. The patient had lost a significant amount of strength in his legs but after weeks of intensive training, he was able to regain muscle strength. Seeing them overcome their personal struggles motivates me to continually enhance my knowledge and skills,” shared Pevenpreet.

Although working in the healthcare industry is not always smooth sailing, Pevenpreet’s resilience shines through. On tough days, she leans on 
trusted colleagues for support and finds solace in the simple joys of life, like watching sitcoms and cute animal videos.

And when days get really tough, she remembers the reason why 
she started this journey, which never fails to motivate her and get her back on track.


Medical Social Worker (MSW) J Selvi’s job is nothing short of inspiring.

Selvi’s interest in social work began to develop as early as her 
teenage years where she volunteered at childcare centers, nursing homes and the Singapore Red Cross by providing support through interactions with the frail and sick.

But what drives Selvi is her unwavering priority 
– healthcare!

Starting her journey as a social work student in a 
restructured hospital provided Selvi an opportunity to work with patients and their loved ones planning their discharge. However, Selvi thought she could do more for her patients.

​She then heard about SCH from a fellow colleague, Rajesh Jaya, and made the move to work in a community hospital.

Working at SCH has given her the precious gift of time – one that she uses to truly understand and support the needs of patients and their families, beyond 
the scope of discharge care planning.

For Selvi, her role goes beyond the professional; it extends to being an 
inspiration for patients and their families.

“Working with patients in SCH, who stay longer provides me time to build rapport, create meaningful conversation to understand and meet the needs of the patients and their loved ones,” said Selvi.

Being closer to her patients and their caregivers motivates her to continue doing her best to render service to others.

Although the change in working environment was initially difficult, Selvi understands that growth is a lifelong process, and she is committed to adapting to new challenges and opportunities!

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