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From Dreaming to Healing Part One

​In conjunction with Allied Health Day on 11 October 2023, we unravel the inspiring narratives of these passionate individuals who chose the path of Allied Health at SCH and discover the driving force behind their unwavering commitment to healing!


As a ward pharmacist, Dalvin Koh's role is not just about counting pills; it is about optimising lives. He meticulously reviews medication orders, navigates the intricate web of drug interactions, and fine-tunes medication doses to perfection.

And what fuels Dalvin's journey in the healthcare industry is his love for working with the elderly, other healthcare professionals and the community where in the vibrant setting of OCH, he finds the perfect place to achieve his dream.

For Dalvin, it is not just about the medication. It is about the people!

“I enjoy the interaction, collaborating seamlessly with doctors, nurses, and various healthcare professionals. It is not just a job but a holistic healthcare experience!” said Dalvin.

And why did Dalvin choose to work at OCH? Well, besides the medicine, he has got his priorities straight – location and food! With Chinatown, Little India, Tanjong Pagar, and Tiong Bahru just around the corner, every meal is an adventure.

Yet, the real joy in Dalvin's day is not just the bustling hospital atmosphere or the delightful food options. It is watching patients' health improve, step by step, day by day.

That is the heart of his profession – making a difference in someone's stay at OCH.


Iris Lee, your go-to Speech Therapist (ST) from OCH dedicates her days to transforming lives and spreading positivity.

From assessing and revamping patients' swallowing and communication abilities to enlightening families on the art of support, Iris does it all with a brilliant zeal for Speech Therapy.

But it does not stop there. Iris's most cherished moments come when she guides patients on the path to liberating themselves from the reliance on nasogastric tubes (NGTs).

It is a challenging journey for both patients and their caregivers.

“Some of my most memorable experiences revolve around supporting patients to wean off nasogastric tube (NGT) feeding. This process requires a team effort among the staff as well as motivation from the patient and family to support them through the process,” 
shared Iris.

Like how she supports her patients to get through their medical ordeal, Iris leans on her colleagues for emotional lifts during tough times. To her, it is a support system that keeps her motivated day in and day out.

Lastly, Iris has got a crucial piece of advice for everyone, not just in the Allied Health sector – take care to prioritise your health, both mentally and physically.


Driven by a fellow student's words at an open house, Occupational Therapist (OT) from SKCH, Janelle Tan recognised the importance of empowering individuals to lead meaningful lives, whether it is fulfilling basic needs or fostering connections with peers and family.

Janelle then continued to pursue her dream with a clinical placement at SKCH during her final year of studies, where she found a supportive environment that nurtured her growth.

Her supervisors and management value her contributions and have supported her career development.

She is set to embark on the Educator track, with opportunities to train fellow colleagues and further her skills in mentoring and educating new OT students through the Clinical Educator course.

Amid her rewarding career, Janelle understands the importance of self-care.

"Seeking help when needed, reflecting on practice, and staying open to continuous learning are all part of my holistic approach to maintaining balance and excellence in my field,” 
said Janelle.

Janelle's journey as an OT is not just a job. It is a calling driven by compassion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of making a meaningful impact on the lives of those she serves.

Her story reminds us of the profound difference one person can make when they follow their passion with dedication and heart!

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