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Finding Harmony

The Swan Song has a special significance to Tze Ing's journey as a nurse in a palliative care ward in SKCH. Walking with many of her patients in their last days, the avid piano player has discovered immense joy in her profession and has found providing comprehensive end-of-life care an incredibly gratifying privilege. 

The Two Ps - Palliative and Piano
As a palliative care nurse, Tze Ing ensures that her patients and their caregivers receive comfort by attending to their physical and psychological needs such as managing patients' pain and offering a listening ear.

For it is during these vulnerable times when she can support both patients and their families by guiding them towards a quality end-of-life experience.

Although Tze Ing's journey has not been easy, the fulfillment far outweighs the difficulties.

And while most of her patients have been elderly, there can be the occasional heart-wrenching case of a young patient who requires palliative care.

​"It serves as a stark reminder of life's fragility where we need to emphasise the importance of cherishing every moment and expressing love to our families," said Tze Ing.

The stresses of dealing with the subject of death can be heavy, but Tze Ing finds solace in playing the piano. She shared that the act of playing itself brings her immense pleasure and serves as a respite from the demands of her profession.

Her journey with this instrument began at the age of 13, initially sparked by a desire to acquire a new skill. However, over time, her interest in piano grew as she honed her abilities. She would eagerly search for piano sheets online that resonated and brought her joy.

In addition to piano, the musically talented Tze Ing also learnt to play the violin as part of the String Orchestra during her secondary school years. Participating in this extracurricular activity exposed her to a wide range of music and provided numerous performance opportunities.

Whether it was performing at the night market, a mini-concert, or the iconic Yu Yuan Night - an annual event at her school - these experiences remain etched in her memory as some of the most remarkable and unforgettable moments of her school life.

The harmonious blend of nursing and music has greatly influenced her approach to patient care. The skills she has acquired through music, such as discipline, focus, and the ability to connect with emotions, have seamlessly integrated into her nursing practice.

"Playing the piano has taught me to listen attentively, attune myself to the needs of others, and respond with compassion and empathy," shared Tze Ing.

And these are the skills that are invaluable in providing holistic care to her patients!