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Cut Out for Volunteering

Volunteer Mdm Chua Kim Kee has been giving haircuts to Bright Vision Hospital's patients since 2012. She also won BVH's 'Most Active Volunteer Award' in 2014 for clocking the most number of volunteering hours.

I started working at 15 years old because I came from a poor family. Before I got married and became a housewife, I had worked in a bakery, at factories and as a seamstress – but never at a hair salon though! My hairdressing skills are self-taught and I used to cut my children's hair when they were young.

After my three children grew up, I had more time on my hands and started volunteering at various places. Some people say that only those who have done bad things and need good karma will volunteer. For me, the reason is simply because I feel happy when I can help others. Also, my legs are restless; I cannot stay home and watch TV all day!

I got to know of Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) in 2012 when a shifu (monk) at Fu Hui Buddhist Cultural Centre reached out to my group of friends and asked if we could help to cut patients' hair at the then newly opened hospital.

In Singapore's weather, even a basic haircut can help patients feel refreshed and more comfortable. Besides cutting their hair, I try to engage them in chit-chat. I think that they are happy to have someone to talk to and appreciate my company.

The other volunteers and staff at BVH are also nice and supportive. All these make my volunteer work at BVH something I enjoy and look forward to each week. During this difficult period, I hope the staff at BVH will stay safe and strong.

Though I will be turning 78 this year, I want to continue volunteering for as long as I can. My family is also very supportive of me staying active this way. I look forward to putting my scissors and comb to good use again!