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Bringing People Together


Adam (middle) with his colleagues at Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) for iWalk

You must have heard this phrase countless times – teamwork makes the dream work.

Simply put, a team that works together performs and excels together. And good team work requires great team bonding -  just what our iWalk charity event offers!

Team Bonding
The iWalk is SCH's signature yearly charity event organised by the Community Relations (CR) team working together with various departments on a common goal.

It aims to raise funds for our needy patients through the SCH Health Fund while encouraging participants to lead a healthy lifestyle through the walking, running and cycling categories.

As a staff champion for the event, Adam Tang from the Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) Office of Patient Experience (OPE) team was among the first to sign up for the event.

Sharing his experience, Adam had a great time working alongside other staff champions from SengKang Community Hospital (SKCH) and Outram Community Hospital (OCH) to promote the event by encouraging fellow colleagues to participate.

"These small interactions and team bonding opportunities have helped to improve my working relationships. After all, we are one big SCH Family working together for our patients and having good camaraderie at work is important!" proclaimed Adam.

Taking his role up a notch, Adam has also encouraged his family and friends to participate in the event through his social media platforms.

For Mallory Gan, Physiotherapist at SKCH, being a staff champion lets her familiarise with more colleagues from other departments while promoting the event.

She believes that  good personal connections within SCH are important so that you can call upon your colleagues when you are in need, or want to have fun.

"The only way we can get the best outcomes for our patients is if we work hand in hand with everyone across the three community hospitals.

Being part of the organsing team for this event and rallying colleagues towards a common cause have showed me the importance of good team bonding and teamwork," said Mallory.

Nurse Clinician Phyllis Wong from OCH could not agree more!

Through the event, Phyllis – as a staff champion –  had the opportunity to get to know more colleagues in a personal capacity and seeing them in a different light.

"It was heart-warming to see their excitement and how they looked forward to the physical launch held at Oasis Terraces, Punggol, so that they can walk together with colleagues from the different community hospitals," shared Phyllis.

The event also has the SCH Challenge Cup element where our three community hospitals will vie for the longest distance covered in all the three categories.

Instead of a race against each other, Phyllis sees this as healthy competition to encourage participations and making the event more fun for the SCH family! Furthermore, this is for a good cause.

The key to work and play
Working closely in a team brings people together.

When people come together to work towards a common goal, they communicate regularly, have fruitful discussions about the task at hand and are able to share their experiences and knowledge simultaneously.

A strong team not only faces adversity together, but also shares the spotlight when it's a job well done.

"Team bonding is key to work and play, along with appreciating each other's efforts and contributions," said Mallory.