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Breathing Life into Work

All work and no play… But not at SCH! With the view that mental health is just as important as physical health, the Social Prescribing for Staff (SP4S) Committee worked together to introduce even more joy at work through a range of fun and engaging activities for staff.

Connecting Passions
Every Thursday, a group of colleagues from different departments at BVCH will put on their workout gear and trainers, and head out for an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon walk around Lorong Napiri together. Meeting regularly despite their separate schedules, the interest group sparked off an SP4S activity to MacRitchie Reservoir where staff groups were invited to bond through a nature walk.

The walking interest group is a success story for SP4S, which aims to uplift the mental and emotional well-being of staff with activities that they can enjoy at work, and beyond work. Elizabeth Ng, Executive from Human Resources Worklife (Worklife and Facilitation) team, explains, "Made up of the Joy@Work, Outreach and Volunteers, Green Network, Human Resources, and Social Prescribing teams, the SP4S committee hopes to present the SCH family with opportunities to indulge in self-care outside of work and perhaps inspire everyone to find fresh excitement in one's hobbies. And who knows, you might just discover your next hobby too!"

The team also saw another benefit to the programme – team bonding! Sing Qing, Executive from Office of Community Engagement and Education, says, "It is important to create a great working environment for our staff to connect with one another outside of our work duties, and explore new things in the community together. Taking part in such activities can help build resilience as well, and encourage them how they can enjoy little things in life together with others. Plus, you can get to know more colleagues in the workplace!"

A Flurry of Events
It was all systems go! The team quickly launched a series of activities with a focus on horticulture and fostering a green culture in SCH. This included air plant and terrarium workshops, setting up of air plant corners in the workplace and heading out of the office to the nearby parks for some fun in the sun.

Susan Tham, Assistant Manager from Finance - Business Office, took joined the nature walk excursion at Macritchie Reservoir that was organised by the team. "I thought that the nature walk was a good opportunity for me to take a short break away from work and to get to know my other colleagues. We are usually so caught up with our tasks that we often don't get to mingle and relax with our colleagues from other departments. This was a good way for us to get to know one another on a more personal level. I have great fun and 10/10 would join such walks again!"

Purita Locutan Puapo, Staff Nurse, SKCH, couldn't agree more, "After a few years of not having group activities with our colleagues, the cycling and scavenger hunt event was really a breath of fresh air. We had a ball of a time and had to work as one team to complete missions and earn points. It was not only therapeutic and allowed me to take my mind off work matters, but the social interactions – I laughed so much! – also helped to relieve stress. Oh, and I also made many new friends that day."

Keep It Going
Although the planned activities may have come to a halt for now, the committee hopes that staff can continue to meet up and enjoy their hobbies together. Elizabeth says, "We enjoyed seeing everyone with their happy faces and beautiful smiles. If you enjoyed the activities, continue to take part in them, whether it is with your colleagues or with your family. Also, do look out for more interesting events coming your way soon!"