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Ready reSet Go! - Recover Well From Common Sports Injuries

Sports and exercise medicine benefits not only competitive athletes, but also individuals of all ages looking to start an active and healthy lifestyle, and those looking to use exercise as an effective intervention to manage chronic diseases.

Sport and exercise are integral to our society. With increasing physical activity in Singapore, sport- and exercise-related injuries will increase in tandem. However, the benefits of physical activity, be it a reduced chronic disease burden, enhanced well-being, social integration or resilience, far outweigh the risks. This is especially so if the risk of injuries is well-managed.

Learn all about common sports injuries and their causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments – enabling you to better prevent and manage these conditions, and reap the full benefits of sport and exercise.

Ready reSet Go! Recover Well From Common Sports Injuries


Download the Ready reSet Go booklet for free.
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