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Cancer of the uterus

Cancer of the uterus - Post-surgery care

Sexuality After Surgery

Women who have had a hysterectomy for cancer are often concerned about how the surgery will affect their sexuality. It is not uncommon for women to ask questions like "When will I be able to have sex again? Will it be painful? Will I feel less of a woman? How will my partner react?" Those women who require radiotherapy or chemotherapy after their hysterectomy may have further questions.

Women will find sex initially uncomfortable as it will take time for the wound to heal. Most doctors will advise refraining from sexual intercourse until the stitching at the top of the vaginal has healed properly - usually about six weeks.

Having a hysterectomy does not mean women lose their femininity although some women may experience these feelings. It can be helpful to talk about your concerns with your partner or someone close to you. You may also wish to discuss any emotional or sexuality concerns with the social worker, nurse or doctor you feel most comfortable talking to.

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If you have cancer of the uterus, you may have many fears and concerns. Talk these fears and concerns over with your doctor. Remember that you are not alone. Your doctor and the other people involved in your care will do everything possible to help you get well. Together, you and the members of your healthcare team can work to reduce the chances of further problems and find ways to keep you as healthy as possible.

Cancer of the uterus - Other Information

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