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​Coming together to give

“It was coming up to Christmas 2017, and my friends and I were out celebrating. We were talking about our ‘ups and downs’ throughout the year when I suddenly remembered the stories of hardships my wife had encountered when she was volunteering. I shared some of these stories with my friends and we decided that we wanted and needed to do something to help those who are less fortunate than us. 

Most of us in the group are fathers with young children. When we hear about other children who are facing difficulties,  we really feel for them. For this reason, we all agreed that we should support a children’s charity and while searching for a suitable one, I came across the KKH Health Fund run by KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH). 

While I know there are many organisations that champion children’s causes, reading about KKH’s young patients really highlighted the scale of the challenges that they face. For their parents, I cannot imagine how it must be like having to confront their darkest fears when their children battle cancer or dealing with the stress of  having to care for a child with a serious chronic disease round the clock while juggling work and other commitments. Unfortunately, for many of these families, having to constantly worry about whether they can afford the treatments and medicines is a reality and an additional burden. 

I hope that our Christmas donation will help relieve some of these financial pressures faced by families in need. This contribution is just the start of a deeper commitment to do more to raise funds for KKH’s young patients. It is our hope that despite their initial difficulties, they can have go on to be carefree kids and have the best start in life as they build happy memories and work towards fulfilling their dreams.” 

- Miles Yung, on behalf of his friends from the ‘Wednesday Exchange Group’.