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Read on some of the unique positions in the featured departments under our Medical & Clinical Services division.

SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute for Patient Safety and Quality

The SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute for Patient Safety and Quality (IPSQ) integrates cluster-wide efforts in patient safety and quality matters. The Institute aims to develop healthcare professionals to become advocates for and leaders in patient safety and quality improvement.

Tang Joo Ying

I am Joo Ying and I transform healthcare by engaging with a wide range of stakeholders on patient safety and quality matters. I manage resources to ensure that project objectives and timelines are met. I also support departments to build capability and capacity across SingHealth, and lead and organise cluster-wide patient safety and quality events. On some days, I teach at Quality Improvement workshops and facilitate Quality Improvement projects with different project teams.

Group Allied Health

Group Allied Health (GAH) serves as the strategic office that oversees the 31 Allied Health professions across SingHealth, with a workforce totaling more than 5,000 staff. Allied Health professions comprise diverse groups of healthcare professionals providing a wide range of health services.

Hozarifah Binte Hosain

I am Hozarifah from Group Allied Health, overseeing the Staff Engagement and Talent Management portfolio. My team organises engagement platforms where we seek to understand what truly matters to our Allied Health workforce, what their concerns and challenges are, and develop programmes and initiatives to address these areas of concern and need. Our team also strives to develop and groom leaders and retain talents within our ranks. In addition, we organise activities to recognise and enhance joy at work – this includes the annual SingHealth Allied Health Day as well as various engagement events and townhalls.

SingHealth Transplant

SingHealth Transplant drives the development and expansion of transplant services, as well as the advancement of academic medicine through transplant education and research in SingHealth. The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Campus is home to nine different transplant programmes that cover the body’s major organs (including the largest organ, the skin), stem cells and corneas. A transplant patient at SingHealth will be cared for by a tailored and multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals which will be there throughout the transplant journey – from preparation, through to the transplant surgery, recovery and post-transplant care.

Loh Pui Yoke

Aptly termed as the 'Gift of Life, Gift of Hope', transplantation enables patients with end-stage diseases to have a new lease of life.

At the SingHealth Duke-NUS Transplant Centre (SDTC), I am given the opportunity to co-drive new areas of transplantation, from strengthening our process of obtaining transplants to putting in place key enablerssuch as funding mechanisms. It is particularly rewarding to know how each step along the way – no matter how small, can bring about positive downstream impacts for our transplant patients, allowing them to enjoy better quality of life post-transplant. 

I joined the SDTC knowing little about transplantation and the gamut of work here. However, I was grateful forthe helpful multidisciplinary team and ready access to relevant literature and resources that swifly brought my understanding of transplantation up to speed.

Besides picking up technical and professional skills, close collaboration with a diverse team of clinical and non-clinical staff also helped to build up my soft skills, in turn developing empathy towards co-workers, which is crucial in achieving our collective milestones together as one team.