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Celebrating 200 Years of Medicine in Singapore

In 2021, SingHealth celebrates 200 Years of Medicine in Singapore, with our flagship hospital - Singapore General Hospital (SGH) – marking its Bicentennial!

We have come a long way with the nation, caring for generations of Singaporeans in good and tough times, in a journey enriched by the breadth and depth of expertise of each healthcare institution within the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) family.

This strong foundation, rooted in a legacy of excellence, is the result of visionary and dedicated healthcare professionals with a strong moral compass and a dedicated commitment to our values and sense of purpose.

Today, with a network of acute hospitals, national specialty centres, community hospitals and polyclinics offering over 40 clinical specialties, the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC is well placed to drive the transformation of healthcare and provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare to all Singaporeans.

As we celebrate 200 Years of Medicine in Singapore (MedSG200), join us as we trace our journey with the nation.

MedSG200 logo

In celebration, we have developed a logo to be used across collaterals and at our events from January 2021. The logo features an extension of SingHealth’s 20th Anniversary logo, representing our collective, continued pursuit to define tomorrow’s medicine. Our institution colours are applied on the interconnecting “O”s of the logo, reflecting how each of our roles are intertwined and crucial in this pursuit.

The History of Public Healthcare

The story of public healthcare in Singapore begins with SGH, the country’s pioneer public healthcare institution and first acute care hospital.

Many of our hospitals and national specialty centres saw their genesis in SGH. Stay tuned as we share how SingHealth grew from strength to strength, emerging as a global thought-leader in shaping the future of Medicine.

Five research breakthroughs over the years

Over the years, we have made numerous new discoveries and developed innovative healthcare solutions to transform patient care for the future.

Research – the past, present and future

How does Academic Medicine SingHealth ensure that we are continuously providing a better tomorrow with the best outcomes for our patients?

The evolution of primary care

Why SingHealth Polyclinics is essential in the delivery of quality care for our nation.

The role of community hospitals

How do community hospitals play a key role in Singapore's healthcare?

Our national specialty centres

Tracing the history of our national specialty centres back to SGH

History of our acute hospitals

Read about the history of our General Hospitals.

Tracing 200 Years of Medicine

Join us as we trace our 200-year journey in providing healthcare for generations of Singaporeans. Together, let's celebrate our past, present and future as one SingHealth family!

Through The Ages (Jul 2021)

Here are five of our very own home-grown research breakthroughs that changed the way we deliver patient care

Your SingHealth Story: ADN Hoon Siew Jong

"Jobs were hard to come by in the 1970s. I had to choose between working in a factory or being a nurse."

Your SingHealth Story: Ng Kim Bock

"The most impactful experience of my career has got to be a trip I took to the United States with the World Health Organisation Fellowship in 1971..."

Your SingHealth Story: Dr Ong Peck Leong

"I recently started using Facebook and some of my past patients have gotten in touch with me there. As we get older, we realise that material things are not that important after all. We prefer to be remembered in a nice way.”

Your SingHealth Story: Jennifer Lee

"Back in the day, radiography was manually done and we had to carry the large, wet film for processing in dark rooms. Today, the images are transmitted digitally and we no longer have to worry about delivering wet film."

Through the Ages (Jun 2021)

As healthcare needs become more complex, how can SingHealth ensure that we are continuously providing a better tomorrow with the best outcomes for our patients?

Your SingHealth Story: Saidah Binte Shariff

"In those days, we had smaller clinics with just an outpatient dispensary and a maternal and child health clinic. It only cost $2.50 for an adult and 50 cents for a child to see the doctor."

Your SingHealth Story: A/Prof Lim Soo Teik

"Parallel to my clinical practice, I have had the privilege of participating in several healthcare IT projects with very passionate colleagues from the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), SingHealth and IHiS."

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