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Your SingHealth Story: Mas Linda Mohamad

“One fond memory I have as a nursing student was when I had a clinical attachment in a nursery to care for newborns. I was given the opportunity to feed them, change their diapers and bathe them. I quickly learnt that caring for a newborn is different from caring for an adult patient. As I had no experience with bathing newborns, I was fortunate to have my nursing lecturer by my side who guided me on how to hold and care for these fragile young patients. Many years later, I am grateful to be able to render the same care to my own newborn baby.

With today’s  rapid advancement of technology in healthcare, using artificial intelligence or simulation may facilitate with learning but nothing is more meaningful than the humanistic connection between a teacher and a student.”

- Ms Mas Linda Mohamad, Senior Nurse Educator, Nursing Education, Changi General Hospital

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