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Asst Prof ​Ho Kay Woon, Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, NHCS

(Photos were taken before circuit breaker)

In his 20 years as a clinician in the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), Asst Prof Ho Kay Woon achieved one of the biggest milestones in his life journey – meeting, falling in love and eventually marrying his wife Asst Prof Ho Kah Leng, a fellow clinician from the Department of Cardiology at NHCS.

"As colleagues then, we often received calls meant for the other party as we have the same surname and similar initials," shared Asst Prof Ho. "We found it amusing and it gave us a common topic to talk about. "

With the help of their mutual friend, Assoc Prof Jack Tan, who suggested that Asst Prof Ho and his wife get to know each other better, and even initiated social gatherings to get things going, the rest, they say, is history and Asst Prof Ho and his wife have been happily married ever since.

Working with your spouse in the same department does pose some challenges, one of which is bringing work discussions home. The couple consciously tries to avoid this, and instead focuses on domestic life and their children once they are off work. On the other hand, having a partner working in the same workplace also brings about a deeper understanding of the constraints and challenges faced at work. They help each other by taking turns to ferry their kids around on weekends when the other person is on call or at a conference, partnering well both at work and at home.

Truly #relationshipgoals for all of us!