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Dr Low Lian Leng

Dr Low Lian Leng

MBBS, MMed (Fam Med)

Senior Consultant

Specialty: Family Medicine

Sub-specialties: Family Medicine

Clinical Appointments

  • Senior Consultant Family Medicine Continuing Care Singapore General HospitalSingapore General Hospital


​Dr Low Lian Leng is a Senior Consultant with the Department of Family Medicine and Continuing Care at the Singapore General Hospital.


  • MBBS: Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (2006)
  • MMed (Fam Med): Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (2012)

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • ​Nov 2013 - present: Fellow, College of Family Physicians


  • MOH-NRF Healthcare Research Scholarship (Master of Clinical Investigation) – 2014
  • Best Oral presentation (Family Medicine). A Family Physician led Integrated Practice Unit and Post-discharge Virtual ward for patients at highest risk of readmission. Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine 2015.

Research Interests

  • Population Health
  • Integrated Care
  • Predictive analytics
  • Healthcare apps


​Refereed Articles

  1. Lian Leng Low, Kheng Hock Lee: Hyperthyroidism in the Elderly. The Singapore Family Physician Vol 37(3)(supplement 1) July-September 2011:72-75 
  2. Shu Yun Tan, Lian Leng Low, Yong Yang, Kheng Hock Lee: How does a previously validated readmission predictive index perform among medical patients in Singapore? BMC Health Services Research 2013, 13:366.
  3. Lian Leng Low, Farhad Fakhrudin Vasanwala, Sufi Muhammad Suhail: Varicella encephalitis and pneumonia in a patient with end stage renal failure. Asia Pacific Family Medicine 2014, 13:4
  4. Lian Leng Low, Farhad Fakhrudin Vasanwala: A Unique Case of Spontaneous Secondary Pneumothorax (SSP) Occurring During an Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare 2014, 23(2):166-168.
  5. Lian Leng Low, AKH Tan, F F Vasanwala: Collaboration between two restructured hospitals’ Family Physician led transitional home care teams in the provision of Home Ventilation Respiratory Support. Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare 2014, 23(2):173-176.
  6. F F Vasanwala, Lian Leng Low: Asthma does not Always Have a Reversible Airflow Obstruction: A Case Study and a Family Physician Perspective. Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare 2014, 23(2):169-172.
  7. Lian Leng Low, Farhad Fakhrudin Vasanwala, Lee Beng Ng, Cynthia Chen, Kheng Hock Lee and Shu Yun Tan: Effectiveness of a transitional home care program in reducing acute hospital utilization: a quasi- experimental study. BMC Health Services Research 2015, 15:100
  8. Lee KH, Low LL, Allen J, Barbier S, Ng LB, Ng MJM, et al. Transitional care for the highest risk patients: findings of a randomised control study. International journal of integrated care. 2015;15(4).
  9. Low LL, Lee KH, Hock Ong ME, Wang S, Tan SY, Thumboo J, et al. Predicting 30-Day Readmissions: Performance of the LACE Index Compared with a Regression Model among General Medicine Patients in Singapore. BioMed Research International. 2015;2015.
  10. Low LL, Tay WY, Ng JM, Tan SY, Liu N, Lee KH: Frequent Hospital Admissions in Singapore: Clinical Risk Factors and the impact of socioeconomic status. Sing Med J (in publication).
Reviews & Invited Published Papers
  1. Lian Leng Low, Farhad Fakhrudin Vasanwala, Ai Choo Tay: Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment and Prevention for the Family Physician. Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare 2014, 23(2):142-148.
  2. Wei Yi Tay, Lian Leng Low, Shu Yun Tan, Farhad Fakhrudin Vasanwala: Evidence-based measures for Preventing Aspiration Pneumonia in Patients with Dysphagia. Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare 2014, 23(2):158-165.
  3. Lian Leng Low, Matthew J M Ng: Wound Healing. The Singapore Family Physician Vol 40(3) July-September 2014:6-16
  4. Lian Leng Low, SA Kamran, Wei Yi Tay. Discharge planning from the hospital to the primary care clinic. Singapore Family Physician. 2015; 41(1):11-16.
  5. Wei Yi Tay, Lian Leng Low, Yew Seng Tan. Engaging the family, the family conference. Singapore Family Physician. 2015; 41(1):28-31.
  6. Lian Leng Low. Wound Care. Singapore Family Physician. 2015; 41(2):27-34.
  7. Bhavani J, Lian Leng Low. Vitamin B Supplementation for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. Sing Med J 2016; 57(2): 1-5.
Courses/Conferences Attended (with non-published abstracts/posters/presentations)
  1. Towle RM, Gao LF, Tan SY, Lee KH, Low LL: To evaluate the effectiveness of BOOST in improving patient and family preparedness for discharge and satisfaction in a local tertiary hospital. Presented at SingHealth Duke-NUS Scientific Congress 2012. 1st Runners’ Up (Nursing Category).
  2. LL Low et al: Regular Surveillance of Chronic Hepatitis B carriers in Bukit Merah to improve outcomes. Presented at MOH Healthcare Quality Improvement Conference (HQIC) 2012. Merit Award.
  3. LL Low, SY Tan, KH Lee: Risk stratification for patients with high care needs: the experience of the integrated care team in the Singapore General Hospital. Presented at the World Congress for Integrated Care 2013.
  4. LL Low, LB Ng, WY Tay: Increasing importance of Advance Care Planning as a consultation task for the Family Physician. Presented at the Asia Pacific WONCA Conference 2014.
  5. SA Kamran, LL Low, SM Caceres, M Ng, WY Tay, KH Lee: Hospital to Home: Improving Care Transitions of Elderly Patients with Complex Care Needs. Presented at AIC QF 2014. Merit Award.
Research Activities
Grants held
1. Derivation and Validation of a readmission risk predictive model for elderly medical patients
 Role: PI
 Funding Agency: NUS-MCI Program
 Amount: $20k
 Support Period: 2014-2016
2.Derivation and Validation of a readmission risk predictive model using machine learning
 Role: Co-I
 Funding Agency: MOH HSR-NIG
 Amount: $100k
 Support Period: 2016
Research projects
  1. PI: Derivation and Validation of a readmission risk predictive model for elderly medical patients
  2. Co-I: Integrated Community of Care for a socioeconomically disadvantaged population in Singapore
  3. Co-I: Health seeking behavior of socially isolated and financially disadvantaged elderly at increased risk of ill health

Research Trials