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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Singapore Rehabilitation Conference returns for the 5th time, following previous years’ success. It will be held on 7 and 8 September 2017 at the Academia, Singapore General Hospital campus. This is the only general Rehabilitation Conference held in Singapore and regionally on a regular basis. The demand for comprehensive, high-quality rehabilitation has increased exponentially over the last decade with an aging population and significant numbers of patients are surviving albeit with disability due to advances in medical care.

The theme for this conference is "Integrating Rehabilitation Care: From Hospital to the Community". The programme is designed to be wide-ranging and comprehensive and will not only cover the traditional fields of Neurological and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, but relevant contemporary fields in Geriatrics and Aging, Cancer and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. We also focus on new systems and synergies in rehabilitation care which are practical and relevant, with inter-professional collaboration across all levels of rehabilitation services in acute hospitals, community hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient rehabilitation and rehabilitation in the community. The faculty comprises both renowned and experienced local and international speakers which span an interdisciplinary team including rehabilitation and general physicians, nursing, allied health specialists including physical, occupational and speech/language therapists, medical social workers, psychologists, music therapists, academics, scientists and health-systems administrators. 

The Committee has put together a stimulating scientific programme that features a combination of plenary lectures and scientific paper presentations. We have also planned for a set of focused pre-conference courses aimed to impart meaningful and practical skills for everyday rehabilitation practice and research. We are confident that this Conference will pave the way for the interdisciplinary rehabilitation healthcare team to share their knowledge and skills, as we help patients optimize their function in an inclusive and holistic rehabilitation environment.
In addition to the comprehensive scientific programme, this Conference will also offer you ample opportunity to explore one of the most vibrant cities in South East Asia - Singapore. Cosmopolitan, multicultural and easily accessible, you will be enthralled by the multitude of entertainment and leisure options available.
We look forward to welcoming you to our event for an exciting and enriching program of education and scientific exchange in comprehensive, integrated and quality rehabilitation care.


    Assoc Prof Ng Yee Sien  
Organising Chairperson
5th Singapore Rehabilitation Conference
Senior Consultant, Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine
Singapore General Hospita


Assoc Prof Kong Keng He 
5th Singapore Rehabilitation Conference
Senior Consultant
Dept of Rehabilitation Medicine
Tan Tock Seng Hospital 

    Mr Patrick Ker
5th Singapore Rehabilitation Conference
Senior Principal Occupational Therapist 
Occupational Therapy Dept
Director, Postgraduate Allied Health Institute
Singapore General Hospital