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Abstract Submission

The Scientific Sub-committee invites participants to submit their abstracts of original, unpublished works, case reports and reviews for oral or poster presentation. The Sub-committee will decide on the form of presentation for all abstract submissions.

Award Categories

 ♦ Best Oral Paper Award

 ♦ Best Poster Award





Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies


Ambulatory Service and Chronic (Long-term) Care

Orthopaedics & Prostheses

Assistive Technology


Augmentative & Alternative Communication


Aural Rehabilitation

Preventive Rehabilitation

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Psycho-social Rehabilitation

Clinical Application & Research (Efficacy & Evidence)

Rehabilitation for Chronic Diseases

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Nursing

Community Based Rehabilitation





Service Delivery & Government Policy

Low Vision Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality and Gaming


Vocational rehabilitation


Important Dates

Abstract Submission deadline

Extended to 20 June 2017

Notification of Acceptance

By 17 July 2017

Notification of Presentation Schedule

By 17 August 2017


 Procedure & Guidelines

(A) Submission Format and Content

♦ Authors are required to submit their abstract(s) online via the 5th Singapore Rehabilitation Conference website. For instructions on how to submit your abstract via the online system, click here.

♦ If you encounter technical difficulties submitting your abstract via the online system, please download the Abstract Submission Form here instead, and email it to src_secretariat@sgh.com.sg 

♦ Abstracts must be submitted in English only.

♦ Text length (not including title and author information) must be at least 100 words and not exceed 300 words.

♦ Use of standard abbreviations is desirable. Place special or unusual abbreviations in brackets after the full word the first time it appears. Use numerals to indicate numbers, except the beginning of sentences.

♦ The use of tables, graphs and other types of images in abstracts is not permitted.

♦ References should NOT be included.

♦ Submissions that do not conform to the established format will not be accepted for review by the Scientific Committee.

♦ Additional structure and formatting rules:

Abstract Title

Abstract title must be in CAPITAL letters and bold print. It should be concise, indicating the content of the abstract.


List authors’ names, starting with the presenting author.

(For example: CHANG SW, WONG LK, PHANG ST)

Please DO NOT include degrees or professional titles (Prof, Dr, MD etc.)


List in the order of Department, Institution and Country

(For example: Department of YYY, XXXXXX Hospital, Singapore)


State Aim(s) of study.


State Method(s) and materials/subjects used, as relevant.


Summarise Result(s) obtained.


State Conclusion(s) reached. It is not satisfactory to state "The results will be discussed".

Selection criteria

♦ Relevance

♦ Best practices

♦ Case studies

♦ Completeness of the required information submitted.


(C) Selection

♦ To ensure a high-quality Conference, all submissions will be assessed by the Scientific Committee for technical merit and suitability of content.

♦ For scientific abstracts, only completed scientific studies will be accepted for judging. Works-in-progress will NOT be accepted.

♦ The Conference Chair/Editors reserve the right to reject for presentation any paper that does not meet content or presentation expectations.

♦ All Authors should be prepared to do an oral or poster presentation.

♦ Final placement in an oral or poster session is subject to the Chair's discretion.

♦ Submitted abstracts cannot be withdrawn.


(D) Acceptance, Notification & Presentation

♦  Presenting authors will receive an email notification of abstracts’ acceptance in July 2017 and details of presentation in August 2017.

 ♦ Authors must be registered for the Conference before they can present their posters.

 ♦ A selection of abstracts will be accepted for oral presentation during the Free Paper sessions. Presenters will be given 10 minutes to present their research findings and two minutes to answer questions on the presentation.

 ♦ Participants are also encouraged to submit their work as a poster presentation that promotes direct exchange of ideas between Presenter and delegates. Posters will be set up in a dedicated area at the Conference venue.

 ♦ If the Presenting Author is unable to present the abstract, a Co-Author can take his/her place. A letter from the Presenting Author informing about the change is requested and must be received by the Conference organiser within 1 week of being notified of the presentation schedule.        


(E) Publication

 ♦ Submission of abstracts constitutes the authors’ consent to have the abstracts printed for the conference programme book.

 ♦ Abstracts considered unsuitable for reproduction will not be published.

 ♦ The Abstracts Selection Committee reserves the right to modify the submitted text of abstracts to correct grammatical and sentence construction errors. Every effort will be made, in these instances, not to alter the meaning of the text. Corresponding authors will be contacted for confirmation of the final version prior to publication.

 ♦ Abstracts accepted for presentation will be published only if the Conference registration fee has been paid by latest 13 August 2017.