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Research-related Careers in SingHealth

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Joint Office of Research

The Office is a central resource dedicated to coordinating, supporting and developing research activities within the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre. It includes research administration offices that oversee the operations and development of research projects, resources to nurture and groom researchers, as well as facilities and services that enable research.

SingHealth Office of Research (OoR)

SingHealth OoR supports the research community to conduct bench-to-bedside research that benefits patients. From managing grant applications and intellectual property to supporting multidisciplinary collaborations, OoR’s key functions are:

Grant Administration
​Manages the pre-and post-awards of SingHealth Foundation grants, as well as tracks, consolidates and analyses SingHealth research KPI and output.
Research Finance
​Manages budget and financial matters for research cost centres in SingHealth.
Research Operations
​Manages research space in the Academia, including laboratory and office spaces as well as the daily operations of shared research facilities and services.
Research Collaborations & Special Projects
​Supports and manages research projects between SingHealth and external collaborators, including the formation and full execution of new collaborations.
Strategy Management
​Manages research governance matters, supports risk management and supports annual workplans.
Research Service Development
​Promotes Core Platforms and other research services to internal and external users and assists in the developing of business plans, implanting new Core Platforms as well as harmonising services and pricing.
Intellectual Property Management
​Oversees the protection and commercialisation of intellectual property assets that belong to SingHealth and work with external partners to out-license SingHealth’s technologies.
Stakeholder Engagement
​Supports the implementation of research initiatives and strategies through the development and implementation of internal and external communication plans.

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A career in Research is enriching as you are part of the team that is at the forefront of pursuing innovations that transform and advance care to improve the lives of our patients.


Job Opportunities in SingHealth Research