Fasting no longer necessary before cholesterol tests
Research by the SingHealth Polyclinic (SHP) showed that a majority of patients may not need to fast before cholesterol tests. This gives patients greater comfort and flexibility in scheduling their tests. A study conducted by SHP on 470 patients showed that there was little difference in the total cholesterol, High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) levels between the non-fasting and fasting results.
Continuous care from hospital to community
Sengkang Community Hospital launched iPCARE (Integrated Primary Care for At-Risk Elderly) clinics in June 2021. Under this programme, discharged patients with multiple co-morbidities and complex needs from Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) can visit the General Practitioners (GPs) in their community for post-discharge care. With the consent of patients, BVH’s doctors will update the GPs on patients’ health status, medical condition and medications, providing information and support to help patients and their caregivers. This reduces unnecessary emergency department visits and re-admissions to acute hospitals.
New online portal for financial services
Patients can pay their bills from the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) online at the hospital’s new Patient Financial Services (PFS) portal. Launched in June 2021, the portal houses everything relating to inpatient and outpatient bills. Patients are able to pay or enquire about their bills online, or submit a MediSave Maternity claim from the comfort of their home or on the go. The portal includes information on the use of MediSave and insurance. With the PFS portal, patients will no longer have to wait in line to pay their bills. They can return home after they have seen their specialist or upon discharge.
Safer dental procedures with biosafety air curtain device
The National Dental Research Institute Singapore has developed the ‘Aeroshield’ to ensure a safer dental setting. The device uses air curtains as a barrier to prevent aerosols from splattering onto dental professionals during treatment. With Aeroshield significantly reducing the amount of aerosol contamination, patients can access dental care with greater assurance. Dentists can also continue to treat patients safely and effectively despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
Care for performing artists with specific health needs
CGH launched the Performing Arts Medicine initiative in December 2021 and established the Performing Arts Medicine Clinic (PAMC) at the Singapore Sport and Exercise Medicine Centre at Novena. PAMC has been set up to offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment of medical conditions for professional dancers, instrumentalists and vocalists with unique health conditions. It also offers customised care plans and collaborates with a multi-disciplinary team to coordinate care and provide patients with access to the full range of specialties available at CGH.
Managing Parkinson’s disease better
People living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) have difficulties with movement and other disabling symptoms that get worse as the disease progresses. Parkinson’s Care on the SingHealth Health Buddy app includes medication reminders, exercise videos and guides, community resources and tools such as the symptom tracker. This helps patients and caregivers monitor common complications of PD so that the healthcare team can adjust their treatment as the condition advances.