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Your SingHealth Story: Ng Suat San

“When I joined Singapore General Hospital in 1969 as a nurse, the hospital still followed many of the manual processes from the colonial days. Injections were given in glass syringes, and stainless steel needles had to be boiled and reused. We even had to sharpen our needles manually. Now, we use syringe pumps which can be monitored and guided electronically. In the old days, the injection vials came in larger doses but now, with better technology, the vials come in single doses to avoid contamination. There have been a lot of improvements to ensure patient safety.

After 44 years of service, I decided to step down as Nurse Manager and join the Materials Management Department at SGH. In 2014, I joined Alexandra Hospital where I helped to source and purchase equipment to set up Sengkang General Hospital (SKH).

I have now been at SKH for five years. Throughout my career, I’ve seen the tremendous transformation of Singapore’s healthcare system. Most processes are now managed through IT solutions and we are looking at further technological advancements as we journey into the future.”

- Ng Suat San, Senior Executive, Operations, Sengkang General Hospital

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