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Your SingHealth Story: Moyses Tan

"I started work in June 1965, exactly two months before Singapore separated from Malaysia.

I started working as a clerk at the Still Road Outpatient Clinic, which was relatively small with only 2 clerical staff and 4 nurses. I still recalled that the nurses would buy fresh vegetables on their way to work in the morning, so that they can cook lunch at the clinic. We would all pitch in and have family-style lunches together.

Patients visiting the clinic came from all walks of life. There were times when I registered patients and some of them would ask me for a 'good doctor', which I understood to be a hint that they just wanted an MC for the day. Through my interactions with patients, I learnt to be empathetic and not judge them based on what meets the eye. Even though I'm no longer in a frontline role meeting patients, those experiences still guide me in my daily work."

- Moyses Tan, Associate Executive, Operations, SingHealth Polyclinics

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