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Your SingHealth Story: Andrea Choh

“I remember feeling nervous when I had to perform my first intravenous (IV) cannulation on a patient. This motivated me and my colleagues from the Institute of Advanced Nursing to develop the NIMBLE (Nursing Innovation in Mobility-based Learning) IV cannulation system, a serious game which replicates real-life scenarios and provides real-time feedback for nurses training in the procedure.

Nurses can hone their healthcare communication and critical thinking skills by conversing with a virtual patient. During the game, they will don a smart glove with woven-in sensors that tracks the motion and pressure applied on a 3D printed arm, which can be varied to mimic different patient profiles, allowing for more efficient and objective assessment.

Looking ahead, I hope to see more of how technology and innovation can plug the gaps in the way we train and assess our nurses.”

- Ms Andrea Choh, Nurse Clinician, Singapore General Hospital

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