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Lau Poh Siong

"As a community nurse who make rounds not in the hospital but in HDB blocks , I used to feel that we need to be physically present at patients’ homes to deliver care. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us to re-think ways to meet the medical needs of our patients recovering in the community after their discharge.

As most of the follow-ups were conducted mainly over the phone during the circuit breaker, we relied on our good rapport with community partners to build a network of care points to ensure continuous engagement with patients.

I also became the bridge between patients and their care team for additional care and medication needs to support their recovery. This has been especially helpful for patients who are elderly, vulnerable or socially isolated with no ready access to digital gadgets. I get surprised reactions from patients’ family members who did not know that community nurses are equipped with a wealth of health knowledge for a multitude of conditions.

We guided tech-savvy patients by sending them home exercise videos to keep them active at home as well. When I am able to help them be more empowered and confident to take charge of their own health and recovery, that gives me great job satisfaction and puts a smile on my face."

Mr Lau Poh Siong
Community Nurse, Community Nursing
Changi General Hospital

Source: CGH Facebook